Last Dance With Mary Jane. . .

. . .one more time to kill the pain.  Here we are, on the knife’s edge, and our nation still has not surrendered the foolish, solipsistic fantasies of left-wing liberalism.  Too many people still want to be hippies at Woodstock, so high on their fatuous “ideals” that they don’t notice they’re covered in mud and have a vicious case of the clap.  Delusions are fun while they last, but they are indulged at a steep price.  That price is high enough when you’re paying for your own mistakes, but it becomes unspeakable when 300 million other people are saddled with the cost.

It doesn’t take much to be a prophet in today’s America: if one has their eyes open at all, that is.  I am no Merlin, but I remember thinking on the day after 9/11, “This won’t be enough.”  Then, for a time, I thought I was wrong.  I really wish I had been.

So, Obama is the Democratic nominee for President.  The mainstream media and most Democrats are currently convulsing with orgasms brought on by a black man being nominated for the highest office in the land.  As a conservative who actually loves my country—as opposed to liberals who pretend to love America but who almost die of shock at any sign of decency in the U.S.—I am not surprised by such an event.  What vexes me is that such a blatantly unqualified black man is the one to reach that particular milestone.   What has this guy ever, ever done to prepare him to lead the free world (shrinking as it is)?  Swells of emotion and brilliant speaking skills don’t cut it.

As a graduate of several highIy esteemed and selective universities, it always burned and embarrassed me to see obviously unqualified minorities being floated through on the wave of affirmative action.  It burned me because it was unfair.  It embarrassed me because of the way it stained deserving blacks I knew, who made grades and got degrees by working hard and being really freakin’ smart.  But that was school, and as frustrating as it was, no lives were at stake when some kid got a free pass from politically correct admissions officers. 

This is different: it’s the presidency of the United States we’re talking about.  This is no time to elect an affirmative action President, but it appears that America is on the verge of doing just that, and anyone who thinks it won’t happen is kidding themselves. Just watch the salivating throngs at one of Obama’s speeches. 

Ironically, I don’t think for one second that Obama’s previous achievements resulted from affirmative action.  He’s clearly an extremely bright man with a shockingly charismatic personality, and one of the best orators I’ve ever heard (although he doesn’t ever say anything, but still…breathtaking).  When I look at Obama, I see someone who has most definitely earned everything he has up to this point.  The problem is, he isn’t qualified to be President.  Yet he will almost certainly be elected to that office come November.

This is frightening.  America no longer has the option of fucking around; i.e., electing our leaders to punish incumbents, or because someone talks pretty, always thinking we can come out on top in case we vote for the wrong guy.  Iran is thiiiiiis close to getting the bomb.  The rest of the West is in freefall, politically and demographically, under the white-hot pressure of Islamic immigrants who have no qualms about imposing their “values” on a society they rightly judge as on the edge of suicide: a culture no longer willing to defend itself against its challengers.  Mark Steyn is on trial in Canada for pointing out that very fact, which is so far the best proof we have that Western civilization is a conspirator in its own demise.  And we are about to elect Barack Obama President?  One more dance with Mary Jane, but this time, the school gym is on fire. Is this really the time to be electing a token President?

What does Obama think will happen if he conducts condition-free diplomatic negotiations with Iran?  What is there to negotiate with an Islamofascistic regime that swears with every breath that it will not stop until Israel and the U.S. are wiped off the map?  I suggest a reading of the latest by Thomas Sowell: scary stuff.

I’m all for having a black President, if he (or she) has had executive experience, knows something about foreign policy, and hasn’t buddied around with segregationist race-baiters and terrorists his entire political career and then lied about it.  In other words, a black person who might actually be qualified for the job.  In other words, not Barack Obama.  I don’t care how pretty he talks.

Like I said, now is no time to be fucking around and congratulating ourselves for being “tolerant” enough to elect an affirmative action President.  Oh well, time to have a drink.  Spitting into the wind makes a girl thirsty.


~ by lewdandlascivious on June 6, 2008.

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  1. I miss you. 🙂

  2. i know you never use this thing. but link my ass up. i’m back online.

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