Idol Finals

Damn job.  Damn it.  I missed the first hour.

But I turned it on in time to see my #1 boyfriend, Robert Downey Jr., dancing backup to “Midnight Train to Georgia.”  He needs to stop with his hot ass, that rascal. 

There are two other dudes up there dancing too.  Let me tear my eyes away for just a nanosecond….meh, Jack Black and Ben Stiller.  Get out of my baby’s shot, you clowns.

Carrie Underwood, what are you wearing?  It looks like she raided Andre Leon Talley’s closet but done forgot the pants.  She is singing about being a ho, having a one-night stand with some dude whose last name she doesn’t know.  Et tu, Carrie?  I’m not impressed.

OH!  George Michael singing “Praying for Time.”  He is shady as hell, but folks, that is one amazing song.  Go, George.  If you want a killer performance of this song, go hereThe sound isn’t perfect, but good enough to tell that his vocals are amazing.  It gets insane around 2:40. 

And, the results. . . finally . . .

YAY!!!!  David Cook.  



~ by lewdandlascivious on May 21, 2008.

One Response to “Idol Finals”

  1. Agreed — Carrie Underwood was a huge disappointment. Both finalists were great — I’m happy for David Cook. 🙂

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