When You Want Your Child To Be the Hottest Ho Working the Corner. . .

This is the latest inspiring idea from that talentless, vapid, genetic freak known as Beyonce.  Because really, we don’t sexualize children NEARLY enough.  They might as well have photographed these kids sucking on bananas or licking cherries, and email it directly to every known pedophile in the country.  Because this shit is going straight into every one of their spank banks. 

I was never pathetic enough to listen to Beyonce Knowles’ “music,” but now she is far worse than a boring, unjustifiably rich, cookie-cutter pop slut.  Now she’s an eager exploiter of children.  Well, whatever it takes to get that cash, right?


~ by lewdandlascivious on May 9, 2008.

3 Responses to “When You Want Your Child To Be the Hottest Ho Working the Corner. . .”

  1. Great commentary. Wow, that is some pretty sick stuff! What’s scary is that the whole thing is a premeditated act. I mean, they can’t say it was temporary insanity. Someone had to think up the idea, get approval, make it, model it, photograph it, publish it, and on and on. And no one caught put the brakes on?

  2. Disgusting.

    As the proud big sister of a girl in that age range, this makes me want to cry. I viscerally hate the idea of anyone looking at her like that – please, not ever, and, if it has to happen, not until she’s an adult and can kick the %!&* of anyone who does – and the fact that it’s someone else’s daughters doesn’t make it much better.


  3. Your headline says it all. This is just sick. Not much else to say over this repulsive attire for innocent children.

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