Since I’ve Got Stephen King On the Brain. . .

. . . and I’m watching Cujo in the Free Movies section of Comcast On Demand (major score), some Stephen King favorites of mine.  He has wounded the Queen but she still loves him.

These are all in descending order, although in some cases it is near-impossible for me to rank SK’s work:

Best Movies:             Stand By Me, Silver Bullet, Carrie, The Shawshank Redemption, Dolores Claiborne, Misery, The Mist

WORST movies:     The Shining (a disgraceful abomination–I spit on Kubrick), It

Character:  Jack Sawyer (The Talisman, Black House) and Wolf (The Talisman), tying for #1 without a doubt.  After that, there’s Roland Deschain (The Dark Tower series), Father Donald Callahan (‘Salem’s Lot, Dark Tower), Ben Hanscomb (It), John Smith (The Dead Zone), Larry Underwood (The Stand), Arnie Cunningham (Christine), Susan Delgado (Dark Tower), Dinky Earnshaw (Everything’s Eventual, Dark Tower), Charlie McGee (Firestarter), Davey “Lardass” Hogan (The Body)

Phrase:    crazy as a shithouse rat, thankya big-big, O Discordia!

Short Story/Novella:  Apt Pupil, Springheel Jack, The Long Walk, Rage, Everything’s Eventual

Most Heartbreaking Moment:  It’s a three-way tie between the death of Wolf (The Talisman), the death of Oy (Dark Tower), and the wrenching montage of false memories King uses to tell us of Gage Creed’s death (Pet Sematary)

Scariest book:  The Shining, ‘Salem’s Lot

Best Book:    Bitch, please.  Like I can pick.  



~ by lewdandlascivious on May 9, 2008.

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