This Week. . .

I love, love, love. . . Robert Downey, Jr.  And not just this week, either, but always and forever.  Hilarious, an absurdly gifted actor, one of the best of our time (in my humble opinion), and one ferociously hot piece of pure sexiness.  AND the most gratifying Hollywood comeback ever.  I have always rooted for Robert, and he is on top of his shit these days.    Yesssss!!!!  Did I mention that he can sing, too?  ‘Cause he can.

I feel incredibly sorry for. . . .Katie Holmes.  That poor girl.  She may have all the money in the world at her fingertips, but she is a prisoner of a narcissistic maniac and the brainwashing cult he worships.  Money means nothing when you have no freedom, and now that she shares a child with Tom Cruise, she will likely never be free. 

I am so over. . . liberal politicians daily dreaming up new ways to steal from—oh, excuse me, tax—citizens.  This time, it’s Hillary Clinton and B. Hussein Obama pushing for a “windfall tax” on oil companies, for having the temerity to earn huge profits.   If this rings a bell, you’re not crazy: Venezuela’s Communist “President,” Hugo Chavez, pulled it off just a few weeks ago.   It’s  infuriating: they’re proposing, with straight faces and zero shame, that the federal government should be able to decide—arbitrarily, of course—when a company is making ‘too much” money, and just snatch it.  There’s a word for this: communism.  Find a company (or, in this case, an entire sector of the market) that is viewed as Big and Bad, and just steal their profits.  Right now it’s oil companies, which are making a lot of money by selling a precious commodity around which the entire global economy currently revolves.  Who’s next?  Google?  Wal-Mart?  Target?  Hillary, Obama, and other liberal “leaders” like them view the free market, and the property of U.S. citizens, as theirs for the taking.  I don’t even want to think of the havoc these clowns would wreak on America if either one of them is elected President in November. 

I am very thankful for. . .this sweet little lynx point Siamese kitty curled up next to me.



~ by lewdandlascivious on May 1, 2008.

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