The Circus Continues

After twenty years of attending Jeremiah Wright’s church and mining that association for every drop of black street cred it was worth, Obama has suddenly decided to distance himself from Wright’s unrelenting hatred of America and the crackpot black liberation theology that has been his signature philosophy for decades.  Thus the False Messiah speaks, and his minions–encompassing almost the entire buttkissing mainstream media and the hordes of emotional thinkers known as “Obamaniacs”–have breathed a sigh of relief and declared the controversy over. 

In their dreams.

Obama is “outraged” by the “divisive and destructive” comments Wright made during public appearances this week.  Interestingly, those comments were perfectly consistent with Wright’s virulent brand of theology and his sermons, which Obama calmly listened to and hollered “Amen!” to for twenty years.  But now, all of a sudden, Obama is outraged by Wright’s hatred and paranoia.  Outraged, I tell you!  Incensed, even! 

To which I say, BITCH, PLEASE.  Only a brainless liberal would believe that (a) Obama had no idea–no clue!–what Wright was about all these years; (b) that his lame-ass denunciation, in the home stretch of the Democratic primary competition, could possibly be genuine; or (c) that verbally distancing oneself from the a racist crackpot at this politically crucial time could EVER offset, let alone excuse, twenty years in bed with a man who patently despises America, undermines it with every means at his disposal, and has indoctrinated generations of black Americans to do the same. 

Unlike thumbsucking liberals, I am horrified at the thought that someone who might be our next President has consorted with insane racists and terrorists (William Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn) for decades, not because of what those racists and terrorists say, but because of what they are: what they believe and willfully represent, with every breath and ounce of passion and activism they can muster.  I’m even more disturbed at the implications of those relationships: at best, Obama snuggled up to these monsters in a cold, calculated grab for political power and credibility as a black man (which his snooty ass would most certainly not get “on the street”), or, even worse, he buddied up with these types and has run in their circles because he actually agrees with them.

Personally, I think it’s both.  It’s just that now, at long last, Obama’s relationships with Jeremiah Wright, William Ayres, and Bernadine Dohrn are no longer politically expedient, so with all the ersatz outrage and decency his slick ass can manage, Obama has thrown his hard-Left friends (well, these hard-Left friends) under the bus. 

Kinda like how he threw his white grandmother–who nurtured him and loved him unselfishly–under the bus when he needed to be a bona fide Victim: the stereotypical put-upon Black Man in a racist America.

Not only does this reveal a character completely bereft of personal integrity, it indicates how Obama would deal with America’s real enemies (as opposed to Whitey).  I envision a beautifully worded but fundamentally vacuous “denunciation” of Iran. . .after they’ve nuked Israel.  A solemn, heartfelt condemnation of al Qaeda. . .after President Obama’s historic “diplomatic outreach” fails, and a bomb kills 75,000 Americans at the Superbowl.

Oh well, as long as he looks and sounds pretty, who cares?  After all, it’s always someone else who dies.


~ by lewdandlascivious on April 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Circus Continues”

  1. Obama is only outraged that Wright has decided that he loves his new audience. Obama heard this guy clearly for 20 years and had no serious issues with him. Wright made it clear that there had been no misunderstandings.

  2. Yeah, and there’s a better than 50% chance this moron will be our next President. It all just proves that my life’s ambition is not so crazy; i.e., build a compound in the Ozark Mountains with lots of guns, rescued animals, satellite TV, and a sweet art studio, and blissfully opt out of what will soon be the Socialist States of America. . .

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