Reese Witherspoon Story

Did I ever mention that I met Reese Witherspoon once?  I did.  It was 1993 or 1994, and I was at the Phi Psi frat house at Vanderbilt to hear a band called The Grapes (a big campus fave back then).  This was back when I could drink more than a boatload of sailors on a week’s leave in Bangkok, and I was wandering around the house with a delightful cocktail of Jack Daniel’s and Diet Peach Snapple, just as drunk as a flea in a gin bottle.  The night before, I had rented a little movie called “The Man in the Moon” because I was in lurrrrve with Jeremy and Jason London, and was surprised to find it one of the best movies I’d ever seen (I still think that: it’s in my Top Ten).  The main character was played by Reese Witherspoon; it was her first film, and she was a complete unknown.

So there I am, carousing around like the disreputable character I was, and across the room I spot a group of of three girls who were (painfully) obviously in high school.  Totally awkward, staring around, looked about 14 and scared silly.  And the girl in the middle was that kid from the movie I’d watched the night before! 

Naturally, I ambled right over and said, “Are you Reese Witherspoon?”  Deer in the headlights: they were all obviously a little wary of this drunk college stranger person accosting them.  Reese looked at me like I was a space alien and said, “Yeeeesss….?”  I then told her how marvelous the movie was, how incredibly talented she was, I’d just watched it the night before! and so forth.  And her face lit up—just like you’ve seen onscreen—with that big grin and a twangy “Thank you!”  

I asked what on earth she was doing in Nashville, and she explained she grew up there and went to Harpeth Hall (private school), at which point I promptly began rushing her and her two friends. 

That’s right.  I tried to get Reese Witherspoon to go to Vanderbilt and go Theta.  Drunk as a skunk the whole time.  Winner!!!

She was very sweet.  Tiny, and pale (but beautiful even then).  I don’t know how long they stayed at the party, or what they did there; I can at least feel dignified about the fact that, even schnockered, I had the decency to chat for a few minutes and then leave ’em alone.


~ by lewdandlascivious on February 22, 2008.

2 Responses to “Reese Witherspoon Story”

  1. Very cool that you met her! My daughters will be impressed. They loved Legally Blonde.

  2. Haha! Just don’t tell them about me being DRUNK! Bad Q.O.S.

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