What Might Have Been. . .

The Screen Directory listed its Top Ten Contemporary Film Actors, which I pretty much agree with, recognizing that the list, probably intentionally, focuses on the younger set and leaves out Nicholson, Pacino, DeNiro, and other old lions. 

What struck me was that the first two comments in the comment section were about River Phoenix, which simultaneously made me happy and broke my heart.  He most definitely would have been on that list, right along with his little brother.   So unfair! 

Speaking of River, I read recently that Judy Davis was horribly, horribly cruel to him on the set of “Dark Blood,” which he was filming when he died, and which was consequently never completed.  She called him names, insulted him, and basically made him as miserable as she could.  Can you believe that shit?  What a wretched woman.  Apparently, it really rattled and hurt him, so much so that he asked family and friends to travel to the set for support.  When he died, she said he deserved it.  

I hope Judy Davis dies a slow, horrible death, preferably from rats chewing off her ugly tranny meth-face while Paris Hilton songs play over and over again at full volume.  Die, you hateful hag!  Die for being mean to my River! 



~ by lewdandlascivious on February 16, 2008.

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