Since Everyone Else Is Doing It. . .

Here’s a cartoon of Mohammad.  If that offends anyone, they can kiss my big ghetto ass—which, you might remember, I’ve named “Mohammad,” so that the kissing will be doubly painful.


A normal person would look at this cartoon and think, so what?  But a radical Muslim sees it and screams, OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!

As a Christian, I’ve seen more explicitly sacreligious art than I can even remember, and my reaction is always and eye roll and a comment about what an asshole the artist is.  Yet, as famously overheated as my temper is, I’ve never considered beheading the artist.  And a good Muslim wouldn’t either, as offended as they might be.  Being offended is perfectly understandable: calls for the blood of the offending party is intolerable.

We’re not just dealing with people who believe fervently in their religion and demand of themselves the strictest adherence to that religion.  We’re dealing with people who will kill, or at best, enslave and oppress, anyone who does not follow the letter of their religious laws. 

I personally find Pentecostal Christians to be a little. . .out there.  But hey, live and let live.  That philosophy works just fine as long as it’s a two-way street, and with Pentecostal Christians (even Baptists!), that is the case.  A holiness-church Christian (or a Baptist!) might annoy you with the occasional protest or Scripture-filled placard.  But they will never videotape your beheading, or use retarded women and children to blow you to pieces as you shop for groceries.  Sadly, too many still cannot see the difference. 

Props to the Danes for standing up on this particular issue when it counted.  As Europeans, they’re on the front lines.  It remains to be seen how Americans react when we get there, when we’re hopelessly infested and our freedoms are truly threatened on our own soil. 


~ by lewdandlascivious on February 14, 2008.

One Response to “Since Everyone Else Is Doing It. . .”

  1. I do remember that you were considering naming your (quite sexy) rear end “Mohammed” but was unaware that you went through with it. Congratulations. 🙂

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