I’m Really Getting Tired. . .

. . . of know-it-all pundits treating conservatives like petulant children because we dare to criticize, and even reject, John McCain as the Republican presidential candidate.  Like this guy, Dan Thomasson, who jumped on the bandwagon today and compared us to a “young man who threatens to punish a strict father by joining the Army.”  Naturally, Thomasson sees the Army as “far worse” than the strict father.  Well, I don’t know: it depends on the father (and the son).  I happen to believe, much to my regret, that the military produces far better men than most fathers in America today.  But never mind.

Conventional wisdom dictates that sometimes, you’re not voting for a particular candidate so much as you are voting against another candidate. Well sure, sometimes that’s the case.  But so what?  Reagan was the only “perfect” conservative in living memory, and we only think of him that way because he is the founding father of conservatism in our time.  Everyone else is a bit of a letdown: Bush One wasn’t perfect, and neither is the Dubs, conservatively speaking, but both were a helluva lot better than their Democratic rivals.

It’s different with McCain.  His deviations from conservative philosophy hit at the very bedrock of conservatism and, by extension, the Republican Party: they threaten fundamental rights like national sovereignty (control of our borders and immigration), free markets, and the First Amendment.  These are not expendable values, to be lightly set aside for the sake of expediency.  They are deal-breakers.

Since inane analogies seem to be the order of the day, here’s mine.  I might be willing to date a guy who farts too much in public, doesn’t know how to do his laundry, or tends to overdraw his banking account every few months, if he’s an otherwise terrific guy.  But I’m not willing to date a man who hits me, tries to control my every move, or has a drug problem, no matter what his redeeming qualities may be.  In this analogy, Dubya is the guy who farts too much in public.  McCain is the guy who belts me in the face whenever I disagree with his viewpoint–or just because he enjoys showing me who’s boss.  And my refusal to vote for McCain is the equivalent of a frying pan upside the head: my f*** you to a guy whose values simply don’t make the cut.

The media scolds who are telling us conservatives to “grow up” and vote for McCain because he’s our only choice forget two things.  First, the idea of voting is always to have a choice, even if that means rejecting everyone on the ballot.  That is a legitimate choice if one cannot stomach any of the candidates.  Second, the 2008 election is not just about getting a nominally Republican butt in the Big Seat: it’s about the future of the party.  There’s already precious little difference between Washington Democrats and Republicans.  For one thing, both parties spend taxpayer money like Paris Hilton on a coke binge in Barney’s.  Why sanction the slide further with a vote for McCain? 

Another thing the Democrats and Republicans have in common is a thinly veiled contempt for their bases, and the tsk-tsking of the chattering class now that McCain is ascendant only proves my point.  These two parties know they run the game, and by God, we’ll suck it up and vote for whoever they hand us.  That’s a game I’m tired of playing, even at my young age.  This time, Momma ain’t gonna play.


~ by lewdandlascivious on February 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “I’m Really Getting Tired. . .”

  1. Actually, I lied in my email. I have but one other thing to add:

    This is not all about 2008. This is not all about the next two years. This is not all about one Supreme Court justice who may be replaced.

    I do not want to face the choice of RINO McCain or a hard-core Dem in 2008. Unfortunately, I’m stuck with that situation. If McCain wins, we’ll have that AGAIN in 2012. At this point, I think that 2008 is a lost cause and am merely looking forward to 2012, and hopefully regaining some core of the party – limited federal government, fiscal conservatism, strong national security, anti-infanticide.

    Second, we do need to take back Congress. I will still go out and vote in November, but it will be Congressional only. If there is a third-party candidate, I will vote for him (or her).

    Okay, yeah, one last thing: 2004 was a mandate to President Bush. The base came out and said, “We are behind you! Take it and run!” Leaving aside any discussion of what he did with that mandate, it unquestionably existed.

    I have no desire to help give McCain any such mandate. I would prefer that my electoral silence signal that he is treading on thin, thin ice.

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