Vote For McCain? Never.

I do not derive any pleasure from saying that.  As lame as it sounds, in college I wrote a (truly awful) paper on American POWs in Vietnam, and John McCain was one of the soldiers I read and wrote about, along with Admiral James Stockdale.  Slightly interesting side note: the closest I have ever come to beating the shit out of anyone was in college, during the 1992 elections, when some piece of crap dorm-room leftist made fun of Stockdale’s speech impediment (which he got by being severely tortured for years in Vietnam, because he refused to betray his country). Braver men you will never find, and I have nothing but respect for John McCain’s service in the military.

However, as great as he was as a soldier, I will never vote for McCain for the Big Job.   Three reasons: (1) his glee in trampling the First Amendment in the name of “campaign finance reform,” which has not reformed anything, (2) his support of amnesty for illegal aliens, and  (3) the boundless joy he so clearly derives from telling the Republican base to f*** off.  Freedom of speech, our national sovereignty, and commitment to conservative principles are three values I am not willing to sacrifice in the name of party unity.  And I’m not going to fall for this little game the Republican Party has going; i.e., we’ll put whoever we damn want on the ballot, and you’ll hold your nose and vote because, really, what other choice do you have, little conservative?  I will not play the part of Step-n-Fetch-It for a party that abuses its power in a stultified two-party system.  Nice racket they’ve got running, but no thanks.

I personally think that if Obama wins the Democratic nomination, he’ll beat any Republican who runs.  And if Hillary wins the nomination and has the sense to get Obama as her VP running mate, they’ll win in a landslide.  As much as I hate it in this case, I have to be honest and admit that I see Obama’s appeal, mainly because he is so manifestly a good man.  As ornery as I am, I have nothing bad to say about the man personally (although I disagree with him on EVERY policy position and would never vote for his underqualified ass).

My view is, in a pluralistic, democratic republic, the voters get the leaders they deserve.  Free people have no excuse if they elect socialists and then end up bewildered that they now live in a socialist country.  So, eff it.  I’m not willing to participate in the pointless charade of propping up a party that ignores its base and founding principles.

So eff you, Republican Party: for me, it’s Romney or nothing.


~ by lewdandlascivious on February 4, 2008.

8 Responses to “Vote For McCain? Never.”

  1. Brava!

    You gave me an excuse to the one line that I a) lack the creativity to make into a blog post; and b) do not want to use on my non-Election 2008 blog:

    Staying home or voting Dem if McCain gets the nomination is not cutting off your nose to spite your face; it’s cutting off the gangrenous leg to save the person.

    Oh, yes – Brava! 🙂

  2. The line about gangrene is far better than anything I came up with—and adds to my post! So brava you, girl. 🙂

  3. […] – at least until next Tuesday, when she gets to pull a lever for the last man standing).  Oh, and there’s some Republican in-fighting, too.  Today’s (second) question: If McCain gets the nomination, […]

  4. Hi, we have a similar problem in the UK, since people elected Blair in 1997, we’ve also lost ground in freedom of speech, sovereignty and conservative principles. Theres a resurgence in these now so hopefully, we won’t have to endure this for too much longer. Although, in many ways the damage has already been done and will be difficult to repair. It’s interesting, even Prophet Muhammad said over 1400 years ago that people get the leaders they deserve. I guess we need to become more deserving!

  5. Couldn’t agree more. Good to hear from you again, Paul–gotta check out your blog tonight!

  6. I happened to have personally known James Bond Stockdale and took a portion of a course under him in philosophy when he was President of the Citadel. Much of it was related to his experience as a POW. He was an amazing man.

    I then served in the military – the infantry – for several years, and I now have two children in the military. I give you that information as background. In response to you, I would direct you to a post I put up not long ago. I believe that the position you take is not only wrong, but that it truly endangers our soldiers.

  7. I’d like to say I’ve never heard such claptrap, but unfortunately I’ve heard all to much of it. Obama and McCain are the nominees and you’re going to snivel about campaign speech, immigration and how he doesn’t fit your opinion of a proper GOP candidate. I was for Mitt too, but I’m following Ronald Reagan on this one. He campaigned hard against Gerald Ford, then after the primaries campaigned just as hard for him.

    Obama is the most liberal Senator and all you have to say is “he is so manifestly a good man?!” Is his position in favor of partial birth abortion, of all abortion, good? Are his positions on Iraq, al Qaeda and Pakistan good? Is his desire to impose his “community organizer” (read “Socialist”) Chicago background on the nation good? Will he be better on immigration than McCain, since he knows all the illegals he lets in will soon by Dem voters? Of course not!

    I was a Mitt supporter too and am no fan of McCain, but I promise you: If you don’t vote for McCain and Obama wins, you will live to rue the day you did not stand up for your country because you were too hung up on your party.

  8. GW, I read your blog post, and your points are compelling and well-taken. If anything will eventually persuade conservatives to hold their noses and vote for McCain, it would be to protect our nation in the War on Terror. It remains to be seen whether that will happen. For the record, my baby brother is currently a helicopter pilot in the Navy who will probably be re-upping for another tour in Iraq in the near future—so I definitely take that seriously.

    Laer, thanks for your comment, but I’m afraid it is more of the Patronizing Ass approach I protested in the first place. Legitimate criticisms about serious incursions upon the First Amendment do not constitute “sniveling.” So kiss my ass on that one.
    As for my comments about Obama, how could anyone read my political commentary on this blog for oh, two seconds and think that I agree with ANY of Obama’s policy positions or underlying philosophy?
    You’re missing the point: I’m a conservative first and a Republican second. The reason I dare–have the unmitigated, “sniveling” gall to oppose McCain–is precisely because I am not hung up on the Republican Party. As for standing up for my country, there are many ways to do that. Stepping into line like a good little bitch and voting for a milquetoast RINO is not first and foremost among them. As hard as it might be for you to believe, many conservatives are just as concerned about domestic policy as they are whatever military interventions the US is engaged in abroad. On the domestic front, McCain is too often liberal on some huge, overwhelmingly important issues.

    If this country ends up with Obama or Hillary in the White House, it will be due to a long, slow slide into socialism that we as a nation have allowed to occur in increments over the past thirty or forty years. And we will all rue that day, whether we had anything to do with it personally or not.
    Nice attempt at a smackdown, though. Keep trying.

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