Is This A Joke?

Dark times are coming, sayeth the L.A. Times.  The dementors are at large and Voldemort is on his way: woe, woe!!

You know you live in the richest nation in the history of the world when leading newspapers see doom and gloom in the story of a man who has to sell his Corvette, or a woman who has to get up early to take the bus.  Pathetic.

Maybe part of the problem is that frightening numbers of Americans spend money like Paris Hilton on a coke binge in Barney’s.  I’m not that old, but even in my lifetime, mothers sewed clothes for their children (yes, my mom did–a doctor’s wife, no less) and the idea of paying thousands of dollars to see a marginally entertaining pop tartlet would’ve sent the majority of parents onto the floor, rolling with laughter.  Now, a person is considered “poor,” or at least suffering great hardship, if they have to take a second job, don’t have a cell phone for each member of the family, only have one car or are forced to (gasp!) take public transportation, or can’t send their kids to a private college. 

I’m more worried about the unchecked spread of this pampered, gutless entitlement destroying our nation than I am the hordes of gibbering jihadists threatening to blow up Disneyworld.


~ by lewdandlascivious on January 14, 2008.

One Response to “Is This A Joke?”

  1. Agree.

    Back in my day, kids had to pay for their own cell phones. Not a necessity, said the ‘rents. So when I wanted a cell phone, I went out and bought one with my own money. (Made more economic sense than paying for long-distance charges in my apartment.)

    Enoch Brown, 49, a data- entry worker in Atlanta, said his annual household income is about $100,000.

    Yet he’s riding public transportation to work so he can save on gas and parking.

    I drove to work last year. It was 10 miles each way; the bus was $2.50 each way. I saved a bit of money by doing that, but the trick was to park in the residential area a half-mile away from work, and that was delightfully free. I didn’t complain, because I didn’t see $10/day valet parking (cheapest in the downtown) in my budget. WTF is up with people?

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