Ok, Here’s Something:

Alright, I hate being mushy.  But. . .oh well, screw it. 

A recent commenter to this blog named Paul is giving me hope, and his blog is great.  I suppose that it is hard to see/hear truly tolerant and non-radical Muslims in the present day, with all the chaos and bloodshed flooding Muslim countries worldwide in the name of Allah.  But the Pauls out there deserve respect and help getting their message out. 

Paul has not changed my opinion that radical Islam is merely a fringe minority, but the ratio of crazy-killer Muslims to the ratio of loving and peace-seeking Muslims has never been the real issue.  To me, if there is a sizable minority of Muslims like Paul out there who are actively standing up against the killers in their religion and not just sitting quietly by, well, let’s just say it’s giving me a different perspective on the way I have been so skeptical of the religion as a whole.  That is one thing I am very happy to be wrong about. 

I’m posting this because I am genuinely sorry for having written and said things about Islam that leave no room for Muslims like Paul.  Interestingly, that realization was brought home to me by a Muslim who responded to flame-throwing with patience and a lack of judgment.  Man, I can fight all day, but that approach gets me every time.  Actually, I had a friend in law school who had the same effect on me, but it didn’t “take”: I wrongly thought him an anomaly.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not about to change my attitude towards the crazy R.O.P. practitioners.  But I think from now on I am going to have a more constructive approach.  It may be that we all have to search for the positive amidst the terrible things happening in the world, but really, it’s worth it.  I would hope that people of other religions would do the same for me.

P.S.  Paul, hope you don’t mind me bragging on you.  But I’ve been waiting to hear from folks like you for a while.  It’s like finding out that unicorns are real! 



~ by lewdandlascivious on January 7, 2008.

3 Responses to “Ok, Here’s Something:”

  1. How sweet indeed. Perhaps your heart is melting. HA!

  2. Excellent points, L&L. Paul has posted several times on my site and while we disagree on some key things, he has been authentically gracious. I was embarrassed to re-read my joke in the comment thread in your previous post because it wasn’t productive at all.

    I have a Muslim employee and have known others as well that were quite gracious. I disagree with their worldview, of course, but we get along splendidly. I offer to pray for his family when they have illnesses and such and he readily accepts. I think he knows who I’m really praying to :-).

    Immediately after 9/11 I reminded fellow Christians that we need to be precise in criticizing Islam. When defending Christianity I often say that you don’t judge an ideology based on those who violate its tenets, so we need to be fair and apply the same to Islam. Just as I don’t endorse anything un-biblical that Christians or “Christians” say and do, I should be fair to Muslims who authentically follow the peaceful interpretation of their religion.

    Having said that, I think blanket statements like Bush’s “religion of peace” are untrue and unwise. At a minimum he needs to be more specific.

  3. I don’t know what to say…

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