Nope, Nothing Wrong With Islam. Nothing Wrong Here!

I can’t even bring myself to unpack this sordid mess.   It’s like trying to explain why it’s wrong to rape children.  Maybe the ACLU can do a better job, since protecting child molesters is one of their raisons d’etre.


~ by lewdandlascivious on January 4, 2008.

6 Responses to “Nope, Nothing Wrong With Islam. Nothing Wrong Here!”

  1. What is not mentioned in the article you cite, which may add a little clarity, is that Muhammad said as a last resort you may beat you wife lightly with a miswak, which is no longer than the distance between your thumb and your little finger. A miswak is type of natural toothbrush made from a twig! Really, you can’t hurt anybody with a miswak. Muhammad actually forbade a husband from any other kind of beating, so this actually is a discouragement to beat. Actually, a Muslim shouldn’t be violent, and any man who injures his wife has sinned.

  2. Personally, I don’t think fathers or brothers would undertake such behavior unless there was a reason for it.

    Fathers are responsible for their daughters’ behavior, but human rights organizations deny this too. Brothers also should take action regarding their sisters’ behavior, especially if their parents are too old or dead. If a daughter or sister makes a mistake – especially a moral one – that negatively affects the entire family and its reputation, what’s the solution by such organizations?

    We have laws not because of what people do when they act well, and with good intentions, but because of what they do when they act badly, in their own interests, and by doing so violate the rights of others. Non-aggression is not conditional: it is the most fundamental of human rights to exist without harm from other people.


    That’s lovely. Now go find a Muslim woman who says that she does not mind either the humiliation from such a beating (which clearly indicates that she is an animal, not a human) and the physical pain. If the beating is a punishment, it is meant to be bad. That much is obvious, being a tautology and all. So your position is that the punishment – the most severe of punishments in the Koran, second only to divorce – is not bad?

    Now, in my messed-up world, men should use their superiour physical strength to protect women, not to beat them into submission. Physical strength does not equate to strength of morals, character, or mind; it is not a right to exercise dominion over others.

    Children and animals need physical correction, not grown adults. Aside from the physical harm, it is degrading and humiliating to be beaten and to be told that one must accept such a beating as the natural order of the world, and in response to one’s own actions. Again, non-violence – especially from one’s spouse – is not conditional.

  3. Paul,
    I welcome your thoughts as a Muslim–please excuse me if you are not, but you write like a person who is referring to their own faith.
    What are your thoughts as to how the Quranic instructions you cite are misinterpreted or twisted? Because clearly, they are being warped and used for horrible purposes. I would like to have your thoughts and insight if you are willing to share them here.

    That having been said, if a man—any man, whether he is my brother, father, boyfriend, boss, husband, or whoever—hits me with anything as a punishment or “correction,” he is liable to get a cap busted in his ass or, at the very least, a wine bottle broken onto his head. Momma don’t take no mess.

  4. thebromophile, a Muslim man is only given permission to ‘beat’ his wife with a natural toothbrush made from a twig. I’m sure Muhammad said this with a sense of humor, as it’s not really possible to beat anyone with a 7″ twig!

    Also, you should bear in mind, this was said to a people who used to think they owned women and would routinely beat them… Islam emancipated women in Arabia, and gave them full property rights in the 7th Century AD. The rights accorded to women under Islamic rule were not given to women in most of Europe until within the last 100 years. The spirit of the Islamic teachings is fairness, and gender equality. I do admit there are some places in the Muslim majority countries where there is unfairness and injustice, but this is in spite of Islam, not because of it. The Islamic teachings on gender equality are quite clear to anyone who has actually read them…

    lewdandlascivious, I am a Muslim. I and indeed all sincere Muslims, are horrified by the way Islamic teachings have been warped by both the ignorant, and the corrupt! We are working to educate all people, Muslims and Non-Muslims alike, on the true teachings of Islam. In this way we aim to expose false teachings and corrupt groups, and end the evil caused by them.

    Also, with regard to you last comment, you may be surprised in how many Muslim households it is the woman who wears the trousers. I know this from my own circle of friends, and they wouldn’t tolerate being beaten with anything either! But I think shooting him is a bit harsh if he’s only lightly tapped you with a toothbrush 🙂

  5. Haha, good point about the toothbrush. Did I mention I’m a drama queen? 🙂

    I really hope for all our sakes that the religion of Islam can stomp out its Dark Side (only analogy I could think of!). I strongly believe that only Muslims can achieve that–so best of luck to you in those efforts. You’ll notice that I mince no words when it comes to radical Islam, but please know that I welcome the debate and input of any Muslim who does not embrace radical Islam.

  6. Radical ‘Islam’ is an aberration and gross insult to the peaceful faith of Islam. They are indeed in darkness, and darkness has no place in our faith of light. I have exposed them on my own site in a few articles especially, “The Enemy Within…”

    Contrary to what is often presented in the media, these nutters and their propaganda have always been denounced by authentic scholars and shaykhs.

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