Submit Or Else

On November 26, a cop tased a female shopper at Best Buy.  Why?  Because she got a little mouthy. 

The victim, yoga instructor Elizabeth Beeland, stepped outside the store to answer a call on her cell phone, leaving her credit card at the checkout stand.  This somehow led the store clerk to think that Beeland was using a stolen credit card, which led the clerk to call the cop over to investigate.   Shockingly, Beeland got upset when she was approached by a cop as if she were a criminal (the credit card was indeed hers).  Beeland got angry and used some curse words, at which point the cop threatened to arrest her.  In the video, all you can see is Beeland backing away repeatedly from the cop, who keeps advancing on the woman and finally shoots 50,000 volts into her.  Who’s the threat here?

The Police Chief, Mike Chitwood, saw nothing wrong with what his hired thug did, asserting that using the Taser avoided the need to use other weapons.

How is it appropriate to use any weapon on a law-abiding civilian merely for talking back or yelling?  If cops are no longer expected to be able to tell the difference between a true threat and someone who is pissed off—especially when the person in question has every right to be pissed off—we are all in trouble.

The message from all too many law enforcement agencies, including the Daytona Police Department, seems to be that cops have every right to arrest anyone, anywhere, with or without a reason, and if you dare to question their authority, you may be shocked into submission, or even killed (Death by Taser is a growing trend). 

F***ing cops.

The best part?  The credit card was hers, and the reason she stepped outside was to take an emergency phone call about her child becoming ill.


~ by lewdandlascivious on December 21, 2007.

One Response to “Submit Or Else”

  1. The police have no right to control people. They should be in control of a situation and of themselves, but not of people.

    This woman is on security cameras. She’s not in a car. Most men can outrun most women. If she takes off, follow her and then give her crap.

    People have an odd way of meeting expectations. It’s called a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you expect that someone will be reasonable, you’ll treat them in a reasonable manner and… get a reasonable response. Imagine this dialogue:
    Police: “Ma’am, may I see your ID? You left your credit card at the register and the clerk is concerned.”
    Woman, half-listening, “Sure, here it is.”
    Officer checks it, sees that it is her and the name on the credit card.
    “Thanks for your time, ma’am. Merry Christmas.”

    But that’s haaarrrd. Let’s zap her instead.

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