The Latest from Islam: Teddy-Bear Namers Must DIE!

I keep waiting to see a sign—yea, the faintest glimmer—of sanity, in the Muslim world.  Well, today isn’t the day.  Gillian Gibbons, a British schoolteacher in Sudan, has been arrested and is going to trial for. . .letting her class name a teddy bear “Mohammed.”  The kids voted to name the stuffed animal, but never mind. 

Various groups are demanding that she be killed and, as usual, are planning street protests.  Gordon Brown is said to be “disappointed.” 

Ah, yes.  Disappointment is a powerful weapon against the Religion of Peace.  Don’t go overboard, Mr. Brown. 

Teddy bears, people.  A teddy bear.

I’m tempted to name my ass Mohammed and invite these filthy savages to kiss it.   


~ by lewdandlascivious on November 29, 2007.

7 Responses to “The Latest from Islam: Teddy-Bear Namers Must DIE!”

  1. I miss you. Your last line had me snorting chai tea on my keyboard.

    Sheesh, people, calm down – Mohammed is the most common name in the world. It’s not like they named the bear “Allah” or anything, then stuffed it with liquid explosives….

  2. I’m tempted to name my ass Mohammed and invite these filthy savages to kiss it.

    If that’s not a quote of the week … I don’t know what is. 🙂

  3. Tammi,

    It better be a quote of the week! 🙂 There’s a perfectly good keyboard with tea and milk all over it – might as well be worth the stickiness. 😉


    I can’t help but think… teddy bears? I mean, this is right up there with the Nobel Prize winner wanting to “non-violently” kill Bush, with Hillary Rodham Clinton criticising Bush for pardoning the man who justified Marc Rich’s pardon (as eludicated by her husband in the NYT), and, of course, the camel beauty contests.

    I think SNL and Onion writers must look at this stuff and think, “I’m out of a job. I am so @&^%ed, because my boss is going to ask me to parody people who get upset over teddy bears. They stole my line.”

  4. […] of Swords minces no words whatsoever: Here and here. Who can’t love this?: I’m tempted to name my ass Mohammed and invite these filthy […]

  5. Crewd statements like the one above are exactly what create even more extremism and hypersensitivity in the Islamic world. Take a look at to broaden your perspective of the Muslim community.

  6. MTB,
    Ah, yes, it’s all our fault. Brilliant.
    And by the way, the word is spelled “crude.” Might want to sharpen your wits before you match them with others’.

    The violence and insanity that has infested Islam is so pervasive that it is the official policy of entire governments, and you think a little group called “Muslim Teddy Bears” remotely affects that? I salute any Muslim who speaks out against the imposition of sharia and any other inhumane perversion currently endorsed by Muslim religious leaders and Muslim governments. Clearly, those people are not the ones I was calling filthy savages. But please, don’t be a moron and start up that “Islam is a religion of peace” crap here. Islam will be a religion of peace when its practitioners make it so, and we are a long, long way from that.

  7. dont beleave everything you here ..

    there r couple of things i would like to say ..

    1st: todays life makes me dont beleave anything unless i see it myself .. THAY WANT A WORLD WAR >> AND I”M NOT GONNA HELP THEM ..

    2nd: what do you think if i named my unrespectable tead-bear : as “Jesus” .. I DONT ACSEPT IT ALTHOUGH I AM MUSLIM .. coz .. we beleave IN “Jesus” .. as WE BELEAVE IN “MOHAMMED” .. & WE RESPECT HIM AS WE RESPECT OWR PROPHET .. EQUALLY ..

    sorry I wrote alot .. but sereously .. DONT BELEAFE UNLESS YOU SEE

    I HOPE YOU could understoud my poor writing



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