Ah, the Memories.

Here’s a vid of the Pine Bluff High Dancers at a halftime performance.  Pine Bluff High School, my dear alma mater.

I put this post in the”WTF?” category.  I am going to refrain from commenting further. 


~ by lewdandlascivious on November 25, 2007.

13 Responses to “Ah, the Memories.”

  1. There parents must be so proud. Nothing like simulating sex in front of a big crowd. Do the teachers and administration not see a problem with this?

  2. It’s pitiful. My hometown has, over the years, degenerated into an unliveable welfare state cesspool. One of the nicknames for Pine Bluff is “Crime Bluff,” if that tells you anything.
    At this point, the good teachers have all left and the administration is probably working overtime just to make sure no one gets shot at games. It’s really sad. People like my parents hung on for years, pouring crazy amounts of money and work into the community, but are finally giving up and getting the hell out while they can.

  3. Um, eeewwww.

    I’m still trying to block it all out. Yuck.

  4. Freaking retarded. But you turned out lovely dear. 🙂

  5. Simulated sex? What kind of sex do you all have? I saw martial arts moves, football poses, and gymnastics. Linked together with a classic jazz-dance shimmy. ??!??

    The music was too fast and frantic, though, and was probably unecessarily difficult to dance to.

  6. Ha! An insult to the martial arts, football, gymnastics, and jazz. It’s just shitty, tacky, talentless gyrating, performed with absolutely no discipline or attempt at grace.
    Mostly, it’s just hilarious. In a depressing way, but still, hilarious.

  7. It’s sad that people don’t understand the different types of dance. I know each on of those girls and they are all on the honor roll and have great gymnastics and dancing backgrounds. Trust me when I say that they are BELOVED and ADORED by the faculty and staff and commmunity in the city of Pine Bluff and just because a few ignorant, closed-minded and uptite individuals who are not understanding of different types of dance and artwork feel that it is simulating sex doesn’t mean that they are any less that what you are…

  8. Um, you might want to be careful being snooty about your vast knowledge of the ways of the world and the intricacies of dance and art. FYI, I’m a lawyer with a Master’s Degree in Art History and have been a professional portraitist for about 15 years. I was a very serious gymnast for 10 years, took ballet for about 5, was a PBHS cheerleader for 2, and am now taking tap. While I’m not the world’s best in any of these fields, it’s extremely unlikely that you are more qualified to make aesthetic judgments.

    I’m sure the gals in the video are great kids and are beloved and adored by various people. To be fair, most folks I went to high school with were really cool, and PBHS was overall a great high school experience in spite of Pine Bluff’s overall sketchiness. Bradley, I wasn’t criticizing these girls as people or degrading their humanity. They’re just not good dancers. Can you see the difference?

    You’re right that there are different types of dance. Indeed. It’s just that none of the styles incorporated into this particular routine were performed with any skill or discipline (both of which are essential to truly good dance or art).

    Hey man, I’ll confess: I was an awesome cheerleader and gymnast, but I looked like a toooootal dork dancing in various silly Follies numbers—and I’m the first one to laugh like hell at myself about it, not take it personally and whine about people being mean. So chill.

    P.S. At the risk of proving that I am an uptight nerd, the word is spelled “uptight.”

  9. lol…ok,sorry if I came of “snooty”, I wasn’t trying to be at all…lol but like I said, it is a different style and alot of people who aren’t familiar with this style will not understand it. All of those girls have strong cheerleading backgrounds, hell half of them cheered at Pine Bluff High their sophomore year. Their background is strong in dance and gymnastics, this particular squad and type of dance is just not what you are used to seeing, but it is the norm for a showstyle band…When they compete, they usually get first place dance squad at that competion.
    P.S. …i can spell uptight, i was just using shorthand…and its great that you are a lawyer*clapping*…guess im just a measly young college student trying to get my education…

  10. Bradley,

    Don’t tell someone that she don’t know what she are talking about, then get all cranky when she shoves her credentials in your face. You were kind of asking for it.

    [sits back and watches the debate]

  11. ^^^ yea, okay…LOL

  12. Hey Brad, seriously. . .we can agree to disagree about the dancing. Your responses clearly indicate that you have a sense of humor, which is worth much more than any degree.
    Theo is one of my best friends and she knows when I’m being a ghetto gay man. It’s always good times. Theo, you are a sassy bitch and you know I love it.

    Remember, though, that I grew up in the Bluff from Day 1, and I am waaaaay used to seeing the kind of performance I was critiquing. But you’re so right, I knew I was actually being “uptite” by correcting your spelling. What can I say, we lawyers are the biggest nerds. 🙂

    Good luck with your degree. . .are you liking college? Wait, what a dumb question: what’s not to like?

  13. lol…it’s cool. I understand where you are coming from, I’ve lived in “Crime Bluff” all of my life so I guess we are kind of in the same boat. College is cool, I have one year left at UAPB and I’m out of Pine Bluff for good, HOPEFULLY!!!

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