Future Darwin Award Winners of America

The lunacy of people in Berkeley, California is practically Muslim in its intensity.  Yesterday, Nate Hill, one of those idiot “tree sitters,” fell from his perch, thus ending what was probably the closest thing to a hard day’s work he’s ever put in in his life.  The University had erected a fence around the protest area, probably to protect innocent bypassers from being injured by dumbasses like Hill falling out of trees.  And, you know, also to protect their property.  Naturally, Hill blames his fall on this perfectly rational measure: “What the University is doing to attempt to push us out is not safe and safety is first,” he opined. 

What a perfect jackass: is there any measure the University could’ve taken that was less threatening than placing a fence around the perimeter of the area?  There is no safety measure on earth capable of protecting morons like Nate Hill from the inevitable consequences of their own stupidity.  Good to know the top universities in America are cranking out worthless nuisances like this kid, who at the age of 24 cannot grasp the meaning of words like “property,” “law,” and “gravity.”

Here’s my favorite headline of the day: “Man’s Choice to Use Shotgun to Loosen Lug Nut Turns Out Bad.”   Um, I’m pretty sure it was a bad choice from the get-go. 


~ by lewdandlascivious on November 12, 2007.

3 Responses to “Future Darwin Award Winners of America”

  1. Ha! This line sort of sums up his situation: “Hill said although he does not want to place blame he believes the accident would not have happened if the university had not put up a fence around the grove.”

    So he doesn’t want to place blame but he’ll place blame – all in one sentence.

  2. Just read the 2nd link and loved this line:

    “Nobody else was there, and he wasn’t intoxicated,” Wilson said.

    Shooting while stupid is apparently as dangerous as shooting while intoxicated.

    Thanks for the laughs!

  3. It’s people like him who make it a liability to own a pool, dock, trampoline, or anything fun. No matter how you protect it, it is always your fault for their own injury.


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