Another Day, Another Fatwah

Is there any form of levity or human expression that the Religion of Peace doesn’t immediately want to destroy?  Well, besides that derived from slaughtering infidels?

This time, the fatwah was inspired by camel beauty contests.  Yes, camel beauty contests.  Oh well, I guess when every other form of fun and freedom is eliminated, folks got to get they jollies somewheres. 

Sheikh Abdul-Rahman al-Barrak, the leading Sunni cleric in Saudi Arabia, condemned this harmless (albeit surpassingly weird) activity, declaring that “[m]illions of riyals are spent on buying camels just to feel proud and not for the reasons God created camels, like for food, drink, riding and work.” 

Just when I thought Islam had plumbed the depths of its rabid insanity, this kind of story emerges and reveals it to be bottomless, infinite.  What a desolate, joyless view of God’s creation.  Nothing can be enjoyed or celebrated: just used.  Every tiny spark of humor or creativity must be immediately extinguished, by any means necessary.  Camel pageants are bad?  It would be funny if it weren’t so perverse.

Personally, I feel worst for the camels.  Just look at them:


 They’re the sweaty Lunch Ladies of the animal world.  Somehow, someone finds a way to celebrate the. . .ahem, unique beauty. . .of these creatures, and their moment of glory is cruelly and arbitrarily snatched away.  Tsk, tsk. 


~ by lewdandlascivious on November 9, 2007.

11 Responses to “Another Day, Another Fatwah”

  1. ROTFLMAO. You make my day.

    Just when I thought Islam had plumbed the depths of its rabid insanity, this kind of story emerges and reveals it to be bottomless, infinite. What a desolate, joyless view of God’s creation. Nothing can be enjoyed or celebrated: just used.

    Yes – except for men. Men are allowed to enjoy themselves to some extent. Of course, Paradise is entirely sensual to them – hoards of women who are made heavenly by removal of jealousy, alcohol, and everything denied to them on Earth.

  2. […] Miscellanea The Queen of Swords has returned from her blogging hiatus.  Check out her piece on camel beauty contests. […]

  3. Well, “relegably” the Mohammad Attas and other brave murderers get laid in heaven. Imagine their surprise when they wake up in the great Hereafter and the 72 virgins they were promised turn out to be 72 well-hung demons cornholing them in Hell.

    Thanks for the shout-out!

  4. LMAO. Wow, again, tell us how you really feel. 😉

    I personally think that they’ll be with 72 Andrea Dworkins. Not 72 Ann Coulters, Michelle Malkins, Laura Ingrahms, or other mega-hotties with personality; 72 women who will eviscerate them and rip their balls off.

  5. Ok, I like where you’re going: let me amend my statement.

    They’ll be cornholed by 72 humorless, growling femininazis with gigantic strap-on dildos coated with battery acid.


  6. That’s an image for ya. Wow. 🙂

    Usually, I try to brain scrub those away, but that’s priceless.

  7. Mostly because I’m picturing all 72 at once. Kind of a magical, stretchy thing, but for all the wrong reasons.

  8. I realize this is a “duh” statement, but Islam is rather humorless all the way around.

    Re. the 72 virgins: I don’t recall anyone ever saying they were female. I think the suicide bombers just assumed that . . . SURPRISE!

  9. Is it just me or is that camel totally hot?! Just me? I thought so.

  10. TT,

    That just shows your lack of discering taste. Lewd posted a picture of the runner up – Miss CamelCongeniality (Miss Camelgeniality??).

  11. PS. “Virgin” may also mean “white raisin.” I’m picturing the suicide bombers being handed a little packet of Sun-Maid (before, of course, being forced to take up the butt for all eternity).

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