Congratulations, Madame President!

I’ve been really busy lately and all, but I could have sworn that it was still 2007.  I was POSITIVE.  But apparently, I blacked out for a whole year, and the 2008 elections have already happened–congrats, Hillary!

Hillary announced this week that she is “excited to be the first woman president,” and “I feel like we are going to get into the White House again and we are going to walk around and say, where do we start to clean up this mess?”  She then told the women in the audience to “bring your vacuum cleaners, bring your brushes, bring your brooms, bring your mops.”

Finally, some refreshing honesty from Ramrod.  Finally, she talks to us like we’re The Help–which of course, in her shrewd Teflon mind, we are. 

I love the clunky down-home talk, as if this harpy has ever picked up a mop in her life.  Well, maybe after leaving Bill home alone for a weekend.  I can see Ramrod trolling the White House with a crew of aproned Secret Service men in tow, wielding a UV lamp and spraying Luminol all over the place.  I bet she can find the “leavings of love” quicker than any CSI lab geek.


~ by lewdandlascivious on November 6, 2007.

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