What’s Wrong With This Picture?


Katie Holmes. . .oops, Cruise. . .ran the New York Marathon this year.  Very impressive.  But friends, if we ever needed evidence that Katie’s mind has been put on Scientology autopilot, this is it: who the hell runs 26 miles with no bra????

The ladies can back me up on this one.  If you have anything other than mosquito bites on your chest, running over say, a quarter mile is actually painful.  And you can feel the gravity dragging, dragging your girls down with every jolting step.  And Katie Holmes has what appear to be natural, normal-sized boobs. 

I’m telling you, something is wrong for a woman to do such a thing.  26 miles???  I think I need to lie down.


~ by lewdandlascivious on November 5, 2007.

One Response to “What’s Wrong With This Picture?”

  1. I don’t know where to start. My chest hurts more, just thinking about that, than it did after having a massive tumor taken out of it.

    Okay, I’ll start anyway.
    1. What man in his right mind wants women walking around (or running marathons) without bras?!?!?! Okay, edit: what man who is not a plastic surgeon, nor has a fetish for droopy breasts, wants women doing that? Rational self-interest people: if your wife wears good bras, she’ll be perky when she’s older.
    2) Ouch. Ouch. Triple ouch.
    3) Can you Baker Act her for that? I mean, really – that’s prima facie evidence of mental defect.
    4) WHAT MAN WANTS THIS?? Are those people so screwed up that they don’t even care if their wives are drooping by age 30? Or is Tom’s lack of concern about his wife’s undergarmets (or lack of proper supporting thereof) further evidence of a homosexual leaning?


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