The Apocalypse Approacheth

You know the end of the world is truly nigh when the AP bitchslaps Hillary

Unless my fever is bringing on hallucinations, Ron Fournier of the Associated Press has pointed out the glaring reality that Hillary Ramrod Clinton is a dishonest, scheming bully who uses her gender in much the same way as Ahmadinejad would use a nuclear bomb: as both a weapon of mass destruction and an unassailable defense. 

In response to completely valid criticisms by her rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination, Ramrod whines to the nation that the big bad Boys are piling onto lil’ ol’ her.  Yeah, right.

Hillary Clinton’s modus operandi since, well, forever, has been to annihilate anyone in her (or Bill’s) way, like the meanest, drunkest bull dyke who ever sat a Harley.  And when anyone has the temerity to point out her sleazeball tactics and lies, why, they’re just evil sexists oppressing her gentle flower of womanhood.  If she had a shred of humor, she could take that act on the road and make millions of dollars.

Oh wait: she has! 


~ by lewdandlascivious on November 1, 2007.

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