I’ll Vote For. . .Whoever Terrifies the Appeasers

This is reason enough for me to vote for Giuliani: Muslim apologists like Linda Heard are scawwed of big bad him.  Heard calls herself a “citizen of the world,” aligning herself with no nation, “political system, party, activist group, or campaigning society.”  All together, everybody: Awww! 

In other words, she lacks the moral soul and fortitude to espouse any concrete beliefs or values directly.  I use the word “directly” because her bio makes it clear that she passionately supports kicking the Jews out of Jerusalem to make way for the capitol of a “Palestinian” state.  She just doesn’t come out and say that, of course.  Like all anti-Semites, Ms. Heard parrots her liberation theology with little to no mention of the Jewish Problem.  It matters little to mealy-mouthed daisy sniffers like Heard that the “Palestinian” people–from their leadership on down to the famed Palestinian Street–define the nation of Palestine as encompassing all of Israel.   Whatevs.

Ms. Heard is too enlightened to throw her support behind any one nation or political system, she tells us.  How precious and self-endeared can one person be?  Ms. Heard apparently doesn’t realize that nation states are not just geographical locations.  They embody ideas, ideals, philosophies of human government.   One cannot rationally claim that Communism, sharia, and democracy are interchangeable, like equally delicious desserts on a buffet table.  They represent sets of ideas and values that are radically opposed to one another and require honest people with disciplined minds to take sides: at least, if the notion of human rights and liberty are to have any weight and meaning at all.  But Ms. Heard thinks it’s all good.

And of course, she believes that the poor Religion of Peace is misunderstood.  Naturally.  According to her bio, the nations of the Middle East and North Africa comprise a veritable Garden of Eden, where everyone lives in perfect peace and harmony.  These noble countries, she claims, are havens of family values and hospitality for all, and any notion to the contrary is a pack of lies.   Thank you, Linda, for demonstrating perfectly the term “useful idiot.”

I love the last line of her bio: “She would also like to see a multi-polar world instead of one where a hyper-power is able to ride roughshod, unchallenged.”  Hmm, let’s see: the first WTC bombing, 9/11, Khobar Towers, USS Cole, the African embassies, countless other terrorist bombings and hijackings all over the world, videotaped beheadings in Allah’s name, Donald Rumsfeld being whisked out of France for fear of arrest, almost-daily threats of annihilation from Ahmadinejad, censure by the UN and our “allies,” and the ceaseless stream of anti-American invective by the mainstream media, intelligentsia, and entertainment industry in the U.S.—what are those, if not challenges?   

Well, those things don’t count as challenges for people like Heard.  She won’t be satisfied until the U.S. has suffered utter and abject defeat, beaten into the corner by the Arab nations she calls home.  Don’t worry, Linda: Iran will have the bomb soon, and Americans will be held hostage to the peaceful aims of the Muslim world.  Hold on to the dream!


~ by lewdandlascivious on October 29, 2007.

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