Et Tu, Laura?

Maybe it’s not that bad.  Then again, maybe it is.  The “it” being Laura Bush’s breast-cancer press junket in Saudi Arabia this week. 

This article by Caroline Glick hits Laura–a First Lady who has yet to make a wrong move–pretty hard, but I agree with it.  On hearing that the purpose of her trip was to raise awareness about breast cancer, my first thought was, Breast cancer is the least of these ladies’ worries. 

And it is.  More disappointing than Mrs. Bush’s visit was her P.C. response to criticism: she stated that wearing the oppressive, full-body Muslim potato-sack veil was Saudi women’s “tradition” and “choice.”  Bad Laura.  BAD.   Um, the whole point is that these women HAVE NO CHOICES.  None.  Zero.  Zip. 

On to another beef: I am sick, sick, sick and tired of hearing about breast cancer.  Yes, breast cancer is bad.  It’s terrible, and yay that the cure rates are rising all the time.  Yay that we’re raising bazillions of dollars for breast cancer research.  But the cause of breast cancer has become absurdly Oprahfied, and these days, when I see the ubiquitous pink ribbon/t-shirt/you-name-the-product, I want to barf.  It calls to mind Dolores Umbridge’s lace- and kitten-infested office at Hogwart’s.  Or a gigantic bowl filled with sugary, greasy cake icing. 

Call me an asshole, but when it comes to human rights in Saudi Arabia, pushing for yearly mammograms for Muslim women is like selling haute couture gowns in Darfur.   Or pressing for expanded abortion rights for teenagers.   Laura, you have officially Missed the Point.


~ by lewdandlascivious on October 29, 2007.

4 Responses to “Et Tu, Laura?”

  1. This is why you should blog more often. 🙂

    I completely agree with both points. If women are penalised for wearing anything but a burqa, such can never be their choice. It’s like saying that Ted Bundy chose to go to prison.

    Second, the breast cancer thing is actually pissing me off. We are MUCH more likely to die from a heart attack. We are living in the age of plastic surgery. Now, losing a breast would be incredibly difficult, but that’s why implants were invented. Boob technology is amazing.

    Okay, okay, I’ll admit it: I hit the wall with the pink ribbon b.s. I was fine with pink ribbons on a few things. I’m actually pissed off to see pink ribbon M&Ms. Why, you ask? Am I anti-breast or anti-candy? No – it’s just that processed foods INCREASE your risk of breast cancer. It’s like putting a heart attack ribbon on a bag full of lard, or a yellow ribbon on a Muslim. (Whoops, sorry, that last part just slipped right out.)

    I hate how EVERYTHING has pink ribbons – or rather, all the GIRL things have pink ribbons. For chrisstake, why can’t I buy a combination wrench with a little pink breast cancer ribbon? Surely, changing one’s oil would make a woman feel more in charge of her life.


  2. Amen, sister-girl.

  3. Amen, sister-girl.

  4. Just because it fits with the tone of the posts… During spring training at Arkansas last spring Houston Nutt made players who he felt weren’s trying hard enough wear pink jerseys. This, however, was unacceptable and he had to quit using the jerseys and offer an official apology for being unsympathetic to women and breast cancer. It was jaw-droppingly crazy PC. Though if they want to start systematically eliminating guys wearing pink shirts, I’m fine with that.

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