2 Days To Go. . .

. . .until the most glorious holiday of the year: Halloween!

Sadly, the Queen has no Halloween plans this year.  The Man is oppressing her and making her work during the week, which precludes any serious Halloween fun.   But there will be horror-movie watching, oh yes, and perhaps even the next morning off (if I’m feeling rebellious, that is).  The Queen has scrupulously avoided taking personal time, you see.

For anyone yearning to watch a horror movie, I urge you not to be a p****y: don’t see Saw IV.  Only a total loser moron would consider that franchise to have anything to do with the horror genre.  It’s not even worthy of the “campy B horror movie” category.  So don’t be a sucka.

Watch one of these beauties instead:

Halloween (original OR the inspired–and beautifully, effectively different–remake by Rob Zombie)

The Haunting of Julia (hard to find, but the best ghost movie ever made)

Friday the 13th Parts I, II, and III (classic mainstream cheese!)

Cult fave Sleepaway Camp

The Last House on the Left (Wes Craven’s first, and most disturbing, movie)

Texas Chainsaw Massacre–the remake (bucking tradition here, but I honestly think it’s better than the orig)

~ by lewdandlascivious on October 29, 2007.

3 Responses to “2 Days To Go. . .”

  1. My youngest daughter (now 14) has always wanted to watch scary movies, but she associated with movies so much that we didn’t let her. We finally let her watch the Shining and Disturbia. No major trauma. Not sure if she is ready for Psycho, though!

    Happy Halloween!

  2. Haha! Good move, starting out with two films that aren’t too scary. Well, at least to me. I’m probably the only person who watched The Shining as a 10-year-old and yawned and rolled my eyes. SICK PUPPY.

    I think it is fascinating to hear what different people find scary. You mentioned Psycho and it reminded me of my mom, who has had a lifelong phobia of birds because of Hitchcock’s The Birds, a movie that I find HILARIOUS.

  3. My 16 yr. old thought the Shining was funny. Of course, they had seen the parody on The Simpsons several times, which was outstanding. (“Gimme the bat! Gimme the bat!”)

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