Oh, Please.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am highly skeptical of cops and prosecutors, and very concerned about wrongful convictions.  But sometimes, people take it too damn far.

I’m watching an episode of “American Justice” about the Atlanta Child Murders.  Even when the murders occurred, from 1979-1981, there was a lot of uproar about the arrest of Wayne Williams, a black man, for the murders.  As you would expect, Jesse Jackson was involved, and there were protests and marches and all kinds of people shouting that racist white people were killing Atlanta’s black children.  In spite of Wayne Williams being caught just about red-handed, we still have the race-mongering bulls*** going on.  What a disgusting farce. 

Wayne Williams was finally captured because he was prowling back and forth across the James Johnson bridge in his car, headlights off, in the middle of the night, right when a body was dumped in the water below the bridge.  You see, the police had begun to stake out bridges in the area in the hopes of catching the killer.  On the very last shift of this stakeout, they heard the splash of a body hitting the river, and lo and behold—there was Wayne Williams.  They later found various hairs and fibers in Williams’s car connecting him to several victims, and hairs and fibers on the victims connecting them to Williams’s car and home.  Classic example of the Locard Exchange Principle.

Also, it turns out that Williams had put up posters all around the abduction area, offering local children money to audition to be part of “major entertainment acts.”  This was theorized early by the FBI as being a way so many young, poor black children could be lured.

It aggravates me to no end to see the parents of the victims railing on TV about how innocent Wayne Williams is, and how it was the White Man all along.  I would like for them to explain to me how on earth a white man, let alone a gang of them, would be able to patrol low-income inner-city areas populated exclusively by blacks, in broad daylight, without being noticed.  Anyone who thinks that is possible has clearly never driven or walked through such areas.  Also, I am not aware of a single case where serial lust murders of children were committed interracially.

No one can say whether Wayne Williams killed all the children included in what we call the Atlanta Child Murders: most believe he did not.  But he killed some of them, and he was only convicted for the murders to which evidence connected him.  I can certainly understand why black people would be distrustful of the police.  But you would think that at some point, especially when one’s own murdered child is involved, reason would trump identity politics.  93% of black murder victims are killed by other black people.  There is no evidence to suggest that the Atlanta Child Murders fall outside that 93%.


~ by lewdandlascivious on August 19, 2007.

One Response to “Oh, Please.”

  1. But queen, hasn’t anyone ever told you, black people don’t commit crimes against other black people or children? I guess you never got that memo. 🙂

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