Civilization Just Didn’t “Take”

Note: Everyone knows I heart my libs who write in to my blog to scuffle on various topics.  As long as folks aren’t calling names, making threats, or otherwise taking things too far, I welcome all reasonable input and throwdowns and believe that variety is the spice of blogs.  But I’ve had to suspend any long and involved blog posts or comment responses until the bar exam is over.  So don’t think I’m a hypocrite if I put up short posts like this which require 2 minutes of time, yet refrain from entering disputes requiring research and other extended attention.  Feel free to discuss, comment, or even rant and rave in the comments section as usual!

For today: News of the latest honor killing in Britain, a reminder that our troubling Crazy Muslim problem is not just all over the Middle East and other exotic regions—it’s right here among us, in the West.  Like a horribly demented version of that Seinfeld version where George’s shower didn’t “take,” a horrifyingly large number of Muslims seem incapable of absorbing Western concepts of basic humanity and lawful conduct; for instance, that it isn’t “right” to torture and murder one’s own daughter because she fell in love with the wrong guy.  The father in this case laughed during his confession. 

About 100 other murders are being investigated as possible honor killings in Britain.  Considering the increasingly well-documented negligence of British law enforcement to report and investigate crimes, that’s a significant number indeed. 


~ by lewdandlascivious on July 19, 2007.

4 Responses to “Civilization Just Didn’t “Take””

  1. England has no other alternative but to prosecute these killings relentlessly. If immigrants can’t obey the laws of the country they move to, they have no business being there. If they let this stuff slide by we may as well kiss goodbye to the England we know. Strong enforcement would have the added bonus of deterring immigration from these countries in the first place. I’d assume that someone willing to kill their own daughter over a crush would reconsider moving to England if he knew the punishment was harsh enough.

  2. If you can find some time QoS

    I tagged you to fill out a meme. Hope you enjoy it. I am curious to see how you answer.

  3. I live in Indiana and we had an honor killing right down the street. It’s turning into a global tragedy. Fortunately, they are not above the law here. It’s to late for the cvictim though.

  4. TT, I will get on it as soon as this dang thing is over! To link back to your site, do I just put a link in the post?

    CriminyJ, are you SERIOUS? That is insane. If you have any newslinks, send them on.

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