A Mighty Idiot.

Marianne Pearl, whose husband was decapitated on videotape in service to the great Religion of Peace,  has sued al Qaeda and various terrorist-linked groups.

“Plaintiffs seek to hold responsible those terrorists, terrorist organizations and the supporting charitable and banking organizations for the senseless kidnapping, torture and murder of Daniel Pearl,” the suit said.

Yeah, that’ll show ’em! 

Of course, Mrs. Pearl opposes the war in Iraq, calling it a “totally useless disaster” (although as we know, Iraq is teeming with al Qaeda).  I guess she thinks her little lawsuit would more effectively punish or deter her husband’s killers than do bullets and daisy-cutter bombs.  Clearly, radical Islamic terrorists are just terrified of things like injunctions, discovery orders, and punitive damages. 

Just to make my scorn crystal clear: anyone who thinks a lawsuit will disable or deter in any fashion whatsoever people who decapitate live victims, blow themselves up in suicide bombings, and fly planes full of screaming innocents into buildings, is an absolute moron.    


~ by lewdandlascivious on July 18, 2007.

11 Responses to “A Mighty Idiot.”

  1. I’d be very interested to know what makes you think that “Iraq is teeming with al Qaeda” beyond Bush administration statements, as trustworthy as our current political leadership has proven itself to be. The fact is that al Qaeda is actually a very lose organization, with many groups claiming to be operating under its banner regardless of their actual degree of affiliation with bin Laden. The Madrid and London bombings were loosely (and London very loosely) connected at best, and there is little reason to believe that al Qaeda in Iraq is critically linked to those that perpetrated the 9/11 attacks.

    Furthermore, considering the fact that all our intelligence agencies agree that the war in Iraq has increased the terrorist threat (as many predicted it would prior to the March 2003 invasion), well, it certainly seems to be nothing less than a “disaster.”

  2. Sigh. I will have to defer this conversation–and all others on this blog–until I finish the bar exam, which is now 5 days away. As fun as it is to squabble about these things, I simply don’t have time right now.

  3. I agree a lawsuit is stupid. I also agree with Eric.

    However, study hard and good luck on the test. We need intelligent people as lawyers.

  4. Of course, study away. And best of luck. I hear the bar exam is kind of a bitch. In the meantime, to add to what I wrote, here is a recent post by Juan Cole, a professor of Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Michigan and an expert on the war in Iraq:

    “Al-Qaeda in Iraq” is of course just a bogeyman phrase to describe Salafi Jihadis there. But they obviously feel some kinship to the real al-Qaeda (you never want to see that) and they are threatening to get up an attack on the United States. There was no al-Qaeda in Saddam`s Iraq, so it is Bush who has created this current threat, which did not have to be there.

    Of course, the US Right will conveniently use the small “al-Qaeda in Iraq” organization, which it more or less created by its militarism, to justify more militarism.

  5. Al Qaeda cells exist in at least 60 countries.

    It is incredibly disingenuous to state that 1) Al-Qaeda is not affiliated with Iraq, and, therefore, disposing of a crazed dictator is bad; and, simultaneously, 2) that Al-Qaeda is a really diffuse organisation, so it shouldn’t matter whether or not they were in Iraq.

    Or is Al-Qaeda in damn near every country in the Middle East and Europe but magically NOT in Iraq?

    Um… provide a cite for the b.s. that “every intelligence organisation” thinks that the terrorist threat is now worse than it was six years ago.

    Last time I checked, every intelligence agency thought that Saddam was making WMDs, trying to make them, or already had them. Whoops!

    How does one measure the “terrorist threat?” Does one walk up to Islamofascits and say, “Are you more or less likely to blow yourself up for Allah than you were six years ago?”

    More in a few – QOS just called.

  6. The Madrid and London bombings were loosely (and London very loosely) connected at best, and there is little reason to believe that al Qaeda in Iraq is critically linked to those that perpetrated the 9/11 attacks

    So? The Nazis weren’t connected with the Japanese, but we fought them anyway.

    Very interesting logic. You presume that we cannot fight Al-Qaeda simply because it’s Al-Qaeda, which, by it’s freakin DEFINITION, is a terrorist organisation.

    So, according to you, we can only fight certain terrorists?

    Let’s analogise. There is a gang shooting in your neighbourhood. The Crips are responsible. In an anti-gang move, the police disband the Crips and also another, marginally affiliated gang, in another neighbourhood. Babe – it’s still a gang, and its mission is still to kill and destroy others.

  7. Eric, Here’s my question, who the %^#& cares if the terrorist in Iraq are technically a subsidy of Al Qaeda or not?!!? The terrorist there wan’t 1) to kill civilians, 2) destroy America, 3) enact islamic law, and 4) basically achieve the same goals as Al Qaeda. Are you really saying that we should view people who act like Al Qaeda differently than Al Qaeda because they are not actually Al Qaeda? Man you really proved a point by distinguishing one group of killers from another group of killers. Bravo!

  8. I don’t think it’s appropriate to criticize Marianne Pearl and call her an idiot. What do you expect her to do? Raise an army? Hire a mercenary? Our government certainly doesn’t seem to want to do anything with the militants in totalitarian Pakistan even though it is a hotbed of Al-Qaeda activity.

  9. Marianne Pearl has put herself into the public spotlight as a commentator and activist: criticism of her is completely appropriate. One is not morally inoculated from criticism by the suffering of another.

    As to her idiocy, I see your point. So let me clarify: Mrs. Pearl might be a MENSA card-carrying genius, but her lawsuit is moronic; i.e., it is patently ridiculous to think for one second that a lawsuit will more effectively eliminate terrorists than the physical killing of said terrorits.

    As for Pakistan, short of an invasion (which I’m fairly sure you wouldn’t support), I hardly see what your beef with Bush is. Also, Pakistan sentenced to death the mastermind of Pearl’s killings, and also convicted 4 of the 10 others involved. Because of principles of national sovereignty, the US can’t exactly send squads of snipers or Navy SEALs unless Mushsaraff allowed us to do so. Should we piss off the single major Middle Eastern country that’s marginally on our side?

    Of course I don’t expect Marianne Pearl to raise an army. We HAVE an army presently fighting terrorists in the Middle East right this very minute—the fighting she so easily dismisses. Apparently, she thinks lawyers and judges can more effectively find and eliminate such terrorists, and that, my friend, is straight-up idiotic.

  10. And Eric,
    Theo and Dustin made my main point for me: these greaseballs mingle more than coked-out sex addicts at a swinger’s convention.
    Islamic terrorism is the forest: its various instrumentalities and nominal affiliations are the trees. Leveling the forest gets rid of all the trees (my approach). You seem committed to engaging in a hyper-nitpicky exegesis of the precise nature and essence of each tree, which might be interesting in an academic way but doesn’t get anyone one inch closer to solving the problem at hand; namely, that these damn trees are trying to kill all of us! (forgive my loopiness–utter exhaustion)

  11. Lewd,

    That’s my point. Our army is in the Middle East and not in Pakistan where Al-Qaeda began. As you know, Pakistan is not Arabic or a Middle Eastern country.

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