Next week my boys (aka Jason and Grant from Ghost Hunters) are going to investigate the site of the Manson Tate murders—10050 Cielo Drive in the Hollywood Hills.  That’s where Sharon Tate, Abigail Folger, Voytek Frykowski, Jay Sebring, and Steven Parent were brutally murdered in August of 1969.  The actual house isn’t there anymore—someone built a hideous mansion on the site awhile back—but there are probably some bad vibes still there. 

If you can handle it,  I highly, highly recommend the book Helter Skelter, which is a chronicle of the Manson Family and their murders and penned by the Manson prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi.  If it ain’t for you, there’s no shame: it is a terrifying and haunting book (one of the few I’ve ever read to actually keep me awake and afraid at night).

I never miss a Ghost Hunters episode, but I sho won’t miss next week’s.


~ by lewdandlascivious on July 11, 2007.

6 Responses to “Oh, SNAP!”

  1. That’s odd, I was just thinking about Sharon Tate and Helter Skelter a couple days ago. I read it in the mid/late 70’s. Pure evil.

  2. So true. Helter Skelter is so frightening because it creates a vivid, moment-by-moment mind-movie of the Tate and LaBianca murders, which were as cold-blooded and vicious as any I’ve ever heard of. I remember reading that book and realizing that if people like the Manson killers want to get you, you’re dead before you even know you’re in trouble. Those poor people never had the slightest chance.

  3. It is said that Sharon Tate was in a state of shock..and even was repeating this ” cant be happening.” Not to start any unpleasantness for anyone or family members..but I was told by a reputable psychic Sharon didnt immediately pass over ..due to her inability to let go of this world…as she said “I just want to have my baby!” She remained Earthbound for sometime…I was told she has moved on now though..finally understanding that her contract here was over..even though it seems hard to believe..I m sure for any of us…would love to know if you pick up and psychic imprints…or other activity…They all had such a wonderful life..Sharon will always be remembered as young, kind, beautiful, and the Epitomy of Hollywood Style and Glamour….

  4. I can’t imagine what the energy was like on that property after those murders. . .it can’t have been good. It seems like that kind of place would almost have to be haunted!

    If you get the SciFi Channel, the show is next Wednesday at 9 Eastern Time, you should watch it. It’s their season finale so it should be a nail-biter! (they probably wouldn’t have it be their season finale if they didn’t have some crazy stuff happen, I bet).

  5. I have visited that residence some years ago…and it is rather interesting..I may be crazy but I feel rushes of fear..almost all through my body at times..even if its not haunted psychic impressions must still exist..I have photos of the outside of the house…and the gates …during different times of renovation..it seems if your almost in a different dimension..

  6. Brrr, so creepy!

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