Be A Good Little Voter and Shut Up

Did anyone listen to Sean Hannity’s show yesterday?  It featured a replay of the “conversation” between Senator George Voinovich (R-OH) and Hannity concerning the imperiled amnesty bill our elected kings representatives refuse to let die.  In case you didn’t hear it, here’s a linkIf you care about the principle that our representatives in D.C. govern only with our consent, I suggest you listen to it: if it doesn’t drop your jaw and piss you off, something is very, very wrong with you.


*  Right out of the gate, Hannity asks the Imperial Senator if he is for or against  resurrecting the Fairness Doctrine.  Voinovich says, “The Fairness Doctrine? I’m for it, whatever it is.”  Didn’t even know what it was, but it sounded good so he was for it.  Pretty good summary of Washington’s current approach to the amnesty immigration bill.

*  Voinovich attacked constituents who are flooding his office with calls opposing the bill and threatening not to vote for him again, and blames talk radio for such voter opposition.  What’s the Imperial Senator’s message to the voters?  “I want you to know and I want everyone to know: You do not intimidate George Voinovich.  This is my 4oth year in this business.”  Voinovich goes on to refer to his public service as a “business” several more times, and lets everyone know loud and clear that he’ll do whatever he damn well wants, and his constituents’ only recourse is to not vote for him again.  In other words, “F*** you.”  Thanks for the inadvertent honesty, Your Majesty.  You know what, you pompous jackass?  It is the Constitutional right of each and every constituent to leverage his vote against you–it’s the only power we have once you and your sorry cronies are ensconced in Washington and protected by this calcified two-party system.  Oh  well, at least now Voinovich is on record as holding the view that his job is a “business”—and clearly not the business of listening to those whose interests he is sworn to represent (that would be American citizens, not illegal immigrants and not fellow Senators or a political party).

*  Hannity repeatedly asked Voinovich if he had ever actually read the bill, which remains  incomplete and which no Senator has actually read (Voinovich finally admits that he has only read “most summaries of it”), and Voinovich gets angry and abusive.

*  Hannity repeatedly asks Voinovich if Congress has done any cost analysis of what the bill’s provisions will eventually cost taxpayers–a yes or no question Voinovich absolutely refused to answer.   When Hannity asked Voinovich about the cost analysis done by the Heritage Foundation (indicating the bill would cost taxpayers $2.5 trillion), Voinovich again got furious and refused to answer the question.

*  Voinovich then hung up on Hannity. 

We need to pay attention to what’s going on here.  We have purportedly conservative  Senators like Voinovich and Lott—among others—joining together with left-wing liberals to suppress free speech (the Fairness Doctrine) and calling their constituents and most loyal supporters racist, impudent (for daring to inform their representatives of their opinions), and ignorant/irrational (for daring to ask simple questions about the cost of legislation).


~ by lewdandlascivious on July 2, 2007.

6 Responses to “Be A Good Little Voter and Shut Up”

  1. Ha – great title and analysis. You’d think they at least pretend to be humble at this point and ditch the “let them eat cake” attitudes.

  2. Thanks, Neil!
    This is starting to scare me: admittedly I’m young, but I’ve never seen so many Congressional representatives openly and hostilely flout the will of their constituents. They clearly do not consider themselves accountable in any meaningful sense–they’re willing to sell legitimate citizens out for the hypothetical future votes of illegal immigrants. I really wonder if they can be held accountable for that under our system. I consider this bill a test run for a sea change in our form of government, whereby Congress willfully bypasses legitimate lawmaking processes in order to secure their own positions and basically abandon entirely the concept of representative democracy. If they get away with it once, be assured it will become their modus operandi.
    It could happen. Hopefully, it won’t.

  3. Very well said L & L. That pompous attitude ticks me off. It is not unlike the MSM who feels the need to ‘splain everything to us simple folk so we can understand what’s going on. 🙂

  4. This is my first time to your blog (found you from momlovesbeingathome) and I loved this post!! He is MY senator, believe it or not, and I actually voted for him more than once!! Never again, I can tell you that, and I emailed him with that sentiment. Not that he will read it, but I was just hoping to add my complaint to what is hopefully a growing list.

    Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed what I’ve read here so far and I plan to be back in the future!

  5. Hey Missy! Thank you!
    My condolences on having His Highness Voinovich “representing” you, but much props on your email to him (he would call it rank intimidation, I call it responsible citizenship!).
    I’ll look forward to seeing you back!

  6. With an incumbency rate of something like 97%, I’m not surprised at the current attitude. If we aren’t going to vote them out, why should they fear repercussions?

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