The Most (Unintentionally) Hilarious Headline of the Day

From the Telegraph (UK), concerning the thwarted car bombing. . .

Drumroll, please. . .”Signs Point to Radicalised Muslims.”

Get a load of the groundbreaking journalism:  “Police investigating the London car bomb plot said it was too early to say who was behind it.  But when the perpetrators are caught they will almost certainly possess a number of chillingly familiar characteristics.  MI5 believes it is dealing with an al-Qaeda-linked plot, which means that young, radicalised Muslims will be behind it.  They normally act in a cell structure.  So there will be more than one of them, possibly four or five.”

Get the F out of here!  What’s next: discovering that the Earth revolves around the Sun?  An announcement that bears defecate in forested areas, or that Britney Spears is not a member of Mensa?

I need to lie down.  I just can’t handle the shock.


~ by lewdandlascivious on June 30, 2007.

5 Responses to “The Most (Unintentionally) Hilarious Headline of the Day”

  1. Hey, are they allowed to use the phrase “al-Qaeda linked plot” like that? Just because al-Qaeda goes right out and boasts about the acts of terror it commits doesn’t rule out the probability that it may have been the Jews behind everything all along! What happened to standards of proof in journalism??

  2. Britney Spears isn’t a member of Mensa? 🙂

    Hope your weekend is fantastic!

  3. Hydralisk: I KNOW. The standards here are just abominable. Why would anyone just assume it was sweet, peace-loving Muslims who did this? It was those darn Jews, I just know it.

    Wytammic: I was just as surprised as you about Britney. Guess we can put those hopes for a cancer cure away on the shelf again[sigh]. Have a great weekend yourself, lady–and say a prayer for the UK.

  4. (Snort laughing) I love it!

  5. Don’t laugh. At least they know that much. The Guardian still has figured out that extreme Islam is violent.

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