Round ‘Em Up

The liberal media has once again helpfully pointed out where illegal immigrants are living (illegally) and working (illegally) in San Diego, and even gives us a few of their names.   It goes without saying that the criminals are portrayed as sweet, precious little angels.  Here’s what they have to say about the defeat of the amnesty immigration bill this week in the Senate:

Ediberto Perez:  So I won’t get papers?  Well, I am just going to keep working.  What more can I do?   [How ’bout getting your butt back to Mexico?]

Margarito Brito:  I was in an apartment downtown when the agents came and took us all to Tijuana.  But I came back in April.  There is always work here.  I have been coming for 20 years.  [20  years of breaking the law, with not a twinge of shame.  How about we send this one to Iran?]

Another criminal didn’t want his name to be used, and expressed his anger that Congress isn’t looking out for the needs of illegal aliens.  The nerve!  Imagine the elected representatives of this country responding to the needs of its citizens–quelle horreur!

The article also includes a fairly extensive interview with John Ladd, a local rancher whose fences are regularly destroyed by the criminal border-jumpers.  Mr. Ladd even knows the routes taken and methods used by “undocumented American” smugglers—some of whom belong to drug cartels.   Hey, that’s great information: two birds with one stone.  Is it too much to ask for the government to at least round up the criminals whose names, locations, and habits are a matter of public record?  I’m not Sherlock Holmes or even Elliot Ness, but it can’t be that hard to get rid of a few million border-jumpers.   Pick a city in Southern California (for starters: Texas next), go to every ranch, farm, and housecleaning service, and audit their records.  If their are illegals on the payroll, arrest the business owners right along with the illegals.  It’s not rocket science.

~ by lewdandlascivious on June 30, 2007.

5 Responses to “Round ‘Em Up”

  1. Ummm … our Congress is not their Congress … and I’m glad they finally stopped acting like it.

    I’m with you, let the deportation begin.

  2. Personally, I was amazed when the bill got shot down. I suppose that with the switchboards flooded, the RINO’s couldn’t get their marching orders.

    This thing is not dead though. We must remain vigilant because it will return. Mark my words.

    Nice blog BTW 🙂

  3. Thanks Patrick! “This thing is not dead enough”–when I read that I got an image of Corey Feldman hacking away at Jason in Friday the 13th Pt. IV (if you’ve never seen it, Corey just keeps hacking away b/c Jason ain’t dead enough). You are so right…and like Jason, it will probably come lumbering back to life for another lame sequel.

  4. I think that we should fine all companys that employ an illegal.
    illegals should being the option of 2years in the military or deportation. If they do the 2yrs. they should be given citizenship. I don’t have any unmarried sons:)

    michael mckenna the patriot.

  5. I’m ashamed of my adopted town. Harrumph!

    In addition to arresting the business owners, they ought to charge them the cost of processing the illegals and deporting them. If it costs you $10,000 (in addition to your legal fees for your own arrest) to pay the gov’t to throw your workers out of the country, hiring them won’t make economic sense. Once it doesn’t make economic sense to hire illegals, companies won’t do it, and the illegals will return to Mexico. Problem solved.

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