More Good Sense From Fred

Click here for Fred Thompson’s latest piece on, this time concerning the death penalty.

Fred points out the recent study showing that the death penalty does indeed prevent murders and deter murderers (once again, it’s a case of “experts” taking forever to prove the obvious).   One would have to be cataclysmically retarded or delusional not to understand that a murderer cannot claim more victims if he is executed.  The big debate has been over whether general deterrence is effected by the death penalty.  I consider this argument a red herring, because deterrence is the secondary goal of capital punishment (punishment being the primary goal, as indicated by the name of the penalty).  But you have to tell liberals everything, over and over  again, as simply as possible—and even then they usually refuse to take their blinders off and acknowledge the plainest realities (as they surely will this time, too).

Most Americans (many of whom are Democrats, I might add) believe that deterring one murderer at a time is A-okay in the absence of an end to all murder, which will of course never occur.  Executing Ted Bundy not only punished him (a paltry punishment considering the viciousness of his dozens of murders) but deterred him from killing any more innocent young  women.  That’s a pretty good day’s work and worth every penny.

Thompson acknowledged the importance of using DNA evidence to protect innocent defendants from being wrongfully convicted—which is more than other conservatives have bothered to do—but I’d like to see him talk more about that issue.  If we are going to keep the death penalty, some serious work needs to be done fast to ensure that innocent people are not put in prison for things they didn’t do.  I’d prefer a stricter burden of proof for capital convictions (solid DNA match or no conviction), but that’s me dreaming, I guess.  But at least Fred seems open to the discussion, which would be a step forward for wrongful convictions advocates.

~ by lewdandlascivious on June 27, 2007.

One Response to “More Good Sense From Fred”

  1. Good points, L&L. I especially agree on the burden of proof piece – I’d like to see more solid DNA evidence, multiple witnesses, etc.

    There are a lot of bad arguments for and against the death penalty, and it takes time to sift through them. Christians are often guilty of misinterpreting verses to support anti-death penalty views and ignoring verses that support the death penalty.

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