More Brillianacity from Lyle Zapato

If you don’t know who Lyle Zapato is, well, that’s your loss.  He is the creator and sustainer of the mighty The TRUTH About Black Helicopters! website, aka The Best Website Ever In the History of the Universe.

Mr. Zapato provides an intriguing biography on his magificent site, which you can see here.  He speaks Sasquatch, among other languages, and classifies his political orientation as “Nonlinear Transarchist” (how’s that for a third party?  Take that, Democrats and Republicans!)  His marital status is single (color me surprised), but his martial status is “Armed, Dangerous.”  So, as you can see, he’s quite a cunning linguist.

Mr. Zapato’s crimes, as listed by him, include “trafficking in anti-psychotronic materials and information, agitating Sasquatch revolt, tampering with juvenile black helicopters, aiding and abetting escaped Belgian citizens, hacking simulacra, mind-control evasion, and general subversion of Order.”

His mission?  To “[e]nd subjugation of humanity under Entropic yoke of clandestine and/or paraterrestrial agencies through technological, informational, and spiritual empowerment of individuals employing, but not exploiting, the synergistic leveraging of enterprise level subversion.”

Rock on, Lyle.  Rock on.


~ by lewdandlascivious on June 27, 2007.

4 Responses to “More Brillianacity from Lyle Zapato”

  1. Now there is a man destined to do great things.

    (and the question I previously had “he can’t possibly believe this himself?” has been satisfactorily answered)

  2. Oh man, are you reading his other publications? The Belgium conspiracy is uproarious. I’m bookmarking this site. It’s even more awesome than I thought. (and I thought it was pretty awesome!)

  3. Oh, thank you Hydralisk! Fabulous. I now know I was indoctrinated, because I’ve always LOVED “Brussel Sprouts.” Who knows what other kinds of psychotronic mind-control influences have been getting to me all these years?

    Oh! I see a tree octopus outside. Got to go hide!

  4. […] Queen of Swords, btw, was able to dig up the profile of the man, if we can call him a man, behind these ground-breaking revelations. It must not have been an easy thing to do since the subject “usually wears make-shift psychotronic shielding; approach with caution.” (We can’t really be the only ones getting a kick out of all this, can we?) […]

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