Another Big Mark In His Favor

Thankfully, character is still an important variable in who wins Presidential elections.  I view Bill Clinton as an exception to the rule—a superbly gifted sociopath (or con man, depending on how bad you think he is) who attained our highest office because his type of pathology is simply beyond the ken of ordinary people.  Most Americans still care about the character of our Presidents.   As angry as I am at Dubya for his position on illegal immigration, I still know him to be a fine, honest, strong man, which means the world to me (as my mother told him when she met him at an event, my family trusts him with the life of my brother, a Navy pilot).

On the character front, Fred Thompson is looking good so far.  He and his ex-wife are friends (she plans to campaign for him), and all the women he dated between his divorce and second marriage not only avoid saying bad things about him: they adore Thompson.   They gush about him.  This is not only a mark in his favor: it’s a billboard-sized, blinking-neon mark in his favor. 

I’m far younger and have never been a prolific dater, but I most definitely cannot say that all my exes would say wonderful things if asked about me; in fact, I think only one would.  As the song says, breaking up is hard to do, and it hardly ever brings out the best in anyone (to say the least).  And let’s face it, ladies: we often are not models of forgiveness and sweet understanding when we’re dumped, or even when things just don’t work out.  The fact that Thompson’s many exes deeply respect and adore the guy. . .well, that speaks volumes to me about his character.   People are at their most vulnerable when they’re in love, and even when they’re in particularly intense friendships: our best and worst traits and tendencies are closer to the surface and on a hair-trigger.  As someone who has sabotaged love and friend relationships and regretted it ever since, I admire Thompson for his maturity, grace, and gentlemanly conduct. 

Oh Fred, I heart you.   Keep it up.

~ by lewdandlascivious on June 25, 2007.

5 Responses to “Another Big Mark In His Favor”

  1. I’m going to a wedding with an ex this weekend (as his guest). Does that give me a big karmic gold star? 😉

  2. Haha I know you aren’t doing it for karma points. You’re just tryin to get you some, you perv! 😉


    Apropos of nothing, which ex do you think this is? (Because, as we all know, I’m friends with most of them — except for the stalker-types.)

  4. Well surely not the law school one–I seem to remember that not ending so well? What’s that guy’s name…
    Ugh, you know I’m bad with names—I’m thinking of a very handsome African-American fellow and can’t remember his name…
    Is it either of those?

  5. LOL. It’s the former (the one from 1L year).

    The one you met (who came to visit) is still in NYC. I talked to him a few days ago.

    I once had a birthday party that featured myself, a few female friends, a bunch of exes, and the then-bf. It was actually a lot of fun.

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