Now For Something A Bit Lighter

Since I’m up—thanks to the single most disturbing video I’ve ever seen—I turned the tube back on and am catching a couple Roseanne re-runs (I love that show).  I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard Roseanne and Dan discussing Dan’s fictional cousin Jesco, who clogs when he “gets the Spirit” (the Holy Spirit, that is).  And then during the credits, there’s Jesco DANCING!! Major cool points to the show for giving a nod to Jesco, who is an actual person.  He’s a cult phemonenon—part Elvis and pure Appalachia.

Jesco is known as “the Dancing Outlaw,” and I highly recommend looking him up (or even watching the documentary about him: it’s high-larious).   Youtube has quite a few Jesco videos, and here’s one:

Here are some good Jesco quotes:

“I got a double super buzz.”

“I enjoyed myself from within myself on behalf of myself.”

“My past is coming up into my future and messing with my good life.”

Words of wisdom, people.  Words of wisdom.


~ by lewdandlascivious on June 24, 2007.

2 Responses to “Now For Something A Bit Lighter”

  1. great post…and good quotes. For some reason it inspired me to write a post with some words of wisdom…stop by and check it out:

  2. Solid work, Rick. Solid.
    Your blog is terrific, by the way. You’re a Virgo, an animal lover, a Harry Potter fan, a ham, and you have a fondness for 70’s easy listening music? ME TOO[omigod Teenager Voice]! How excited are we for OOTP?

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