Just In Case. . .

. . .anyone is stupid enough to ever, ever, ever come onto this blog and try to spout nonsense about how the United States is the bad guy or the Iraq war is useless (like the traitor Nancy Pelosi):

We now know that al-Qaeda is all over Iraq, and has been for quite some time.  Not to mention all the other inhuman savages who do their best to live up to the al-Qaeda standard.  Does it really matter which band of monsters we’re trying to get rid of?  Pelosi and her Party of Surrender are not dumb: they know good and well that al Qaeda is just the tip of the iceberg; just the beginning.   The idiots are all  the Americans who put their hands over their eyes and pretend everything will be okay if we want it badly enough; if we just be nice and stay over here and try not to offend anyone.

Or maybe the problem is that we aren’t being shown the reality of what we’re up against.  I wonder how many Americans could watch certain videos and still not get it.  I also wonder how many Americans today have the cojones to watch those videos and subject themselves to the ugly truth.  It’s so much easier to delude ourselves and rationalize and politicize instead of acknowledging that we are up against enemies who will never settle for less than our complete destruction.  Ever.

I debated with myself at length about it, but I’ve decided to put up a link to an extremely—EXTREMELY—graphic and disturbing video.  It’s the video of the beheading of Eugene Armstrong in 2004.  Armstrong was a civilian, a contractor.  His fellow hostages Kenneth Bigley (from the UK) and Jack Hensley (from the US) were subsequently beheaded.

[ED. NOTE:  I took the link down.  Someone sent it to me and I’ll be up most of the night after seeing it: I didn’t want to be directly responsible for anyone else not sleeping.  Find it if you want–it’s on the Internet along with every other crazy thing.  Just remember that unless you’re one of Allah’s little jihadists, it will be extremely traumatic to watch.  Hell, for them it’s probably like porn.]   

I don’t blame anyone for not looking at this if they already have an idea of the kind of people we’re fighting.  Personally, I figured that if this poor man had to endure such a horrid death as a stand-in for all Americans (and he’s alive up until the very, very end), the least I could do was watch it. . .once.  I’ll admit freely that I am not capable of watching it again.   Once is enough to get their message, loud and clear.  In fact, I don’t know if it’s possible to fully grasp how evil these people are without watching this video (or one of the others like it).  But that’s everyone’s individual decision.

I’ll tell you what: I’m willing to be taxed to the eyeballs for as many military interventions as it takes to keep these crazy vermin from doing this kind of thing on our soil (which they happily would). 


~ by lewdandlascivious on June 24, 2007.

8 Responses to “Just In Case. . .”

  1. Hell, for them it’s probably like porn.

    Conversely, porn for them (real porn) is probably like a slow torturous death.

    I guess now would be a bad time for you to read my thoughtful, serious letter of encouragement to the President.

  2. Interesting bit of commentary. At least you are aware of the enemy that we are confronting. Unlike so many that have their heads stuck in the sand.

  3. I couldn’t agree with you more. nancy pelosi and her party have thier head in the sand if they think that if given the chance that the terriost wouldn’t try to kill everyone in this country.
    The terriost have said publicly that they want to wipe out this country and Israel. the head of iran said this. this country is in a goble war, and i think that nancy pelosi and the democrats are traitors.they are trying to undermine the president.

    michael mckenna the patriot.

  4. Actually, Hydralisk, that is exactly what I needed: I haven’t smiled much since watching that video, but I’m LMAO now. I especially like the lady in the comment section who didn’t realize you were being “ironical” (as the subjects of your parody would call it).
    Brilliant. You had to have had fun writing that…

  5. Michael, I love the way you sign your name–that rocks.
    Somewhere along the way between your generation and mine, idiocy and cowardice has taken hold: not just in the ivory towers anymore, but throughout the population. I truly believe it will take one of our cities getting nuked to wake people up. It’s disgraceful—but it’s even worse to see a bunch of sociopath politicians milking it for their political gain. The blood will be on their hands (not that they’ll ever pay for it).

  6. The idiots are all the Americans who put their hands over their eyes and pretend everything will be okay if we want it badly enough; if we just be nice and stay over here and try not to offend anyone.

    I saw that and couldn’t help but think that people who are in abusive relationships act that way. They constantly think that if they could be nicer, less contentious, prettier, or make fewer mistakes, that it will all end.

    Rational people realise that nothing they can do can make someone else act like a normal person. Likewise, we aren’t responsible for other country’s diassters.

    (An aside: I saw a bumper sticker the other day: “US Marines: Travel Agents to Allah.”)

  7. Hahaha! My dad would sooo put that bumper sticker on his car. Wait–I would!
    And you’re right about the abusive relationship angle: great insight. I think the U.S. should be more like the abused wife who gets sent to the hospital a few too many times and finally blows her scumbag husband’s head off.

  8. lewd:
    Well I’ve given the lady a clue. Couldn’t bear not to since she came from the Right at least.

    Yeah, it is fun writing that kind of stuff. And easy. All of us have had enough exposure to such people by now that we can imitate them convincingly. I’m gonna have to do a “part two” some time.

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