Pakistan: Truly A Friend of Civilization


“Moderate” Pakistan shows its true colors yet again: a group of businessmen, the Islamabad Traders Association, has offered 82,000 pounds (10 million rupees) to anyone who beheads Salman Rushdie.  The multi-culti appeasement crowd would have us believe that the “vast majority” of Muslims are peaceful and kind, and it’s only a rag-tag fringe group of crazies who give Islam a bad name. 

But that’s a lot harder to swallow when the Muslims screaming for people to be beheaded are affluent, prominent businessmen and the majority of lawmakers from the Muslim nation held up as an example of moderation.

Liaquat Baloch (the vice-President of Pakistan’s Islamic party) tells us quite clearly why Mr. Rushdie deserves to lose his head: “Rushdie hurt the feelings of the Islamic world by writing a blasphemous book.  Awarding the knighthood is an attempt to weaken the ongoing dialogue between religions.”

Dialogue?  What dialogue?  I believe the word “war” might be a better word to use there: by awarding Rushdie with an honorary title, Great Britain is showing some backbone and thus putting off the establishment of the worldwide caliphate—viewed as an inevitability by the Religion of Peace—for a few more years.  If no one anywhere is allowed to do or say anything that Muslims find offensive, that’s hardly a dialogue.  That’s a war of conquest: that’s slavery (in other words, dar al-Islam–what they consider “peace”).

Consider the peaceful words of Punjab Assembly Speaker Atzal Sahi: “Death is the only punishment for a blasphemer. . . .I am a Muslim first and a speaker later.”  Sahi then announced that he would kill Rushdie himself if he encountered the author. 

So for those of you who think civilization naturally follows democracy: if the recent events in the Palestinian territories didn’t already wise you up, then take Speaker Sahi’s words to heart.   And for anyone who is stupid enough to believe we Americans live under a theocracy, behold the real thing.  

What kind of inadequate losers are these people, to cut off heads because their feelings are hurt?  Who’s not subject to decapitation these days, I wonder? And what kind of losers are we if we swallow this nonsense about Islam being a “religion of peace?”  I call B.S. on that notion: unless Islam undergoes a reformation the likes of which this planet has never seen, it is purely and simply a death cult.

I just hope Britain stands strong.   But in any event, Mohammed and all his little footsoldiers can kiss my ass, and then stick their fatwas right up their own.

~ by lewdandlascivious on June 23, 2007.

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