Bush Tells His Base to Go to Hell, Base Responds

Bush’s approval ratings have plummeted to below 30%, the lowest rating in the history of such surveys.  The drop has accompanied Bush’s inexplicable drive to pardon 12 million criminals and burden overtaxed taxpayers with millions more shiftless, parasitic, unskilled border jumpers.  As I said in an earlier post, Bush’s stubbornness on this issue has lost him his base.

I’ve never expected the President—this or any other one—to govern by consensus.  In fact, the compulsive consultation of polls and focus groups by a President is pretty repugnant to me (Clinton in particular over-used focus groups).  But when your stance on an issue aligns you with the people who spend their lives fighting against your most fundamental political, legal, and moral beliefs (conservatism), and when that stance utterly alienates the people who have consistently shared those beliefs with you and have elected you to office twice. . . wouldn’t that be the time to reconsider your position?  Wouldn’t that be the moment where you stepped back and considered that maybe you were wrong?

Bush isn’t going to do that, apparently.  His stubbornness can be very good sometimes, but not here.  We’re not talking about enacting a moderate, streamlining type of immigration reform that would more smoothly integrate people who have something to bring to our economy.  No, those people—the engineers, the doctors, the entrepreneurs, the scholars—are waiting in line and following the law in order to achieve their American Dream.  

Bush’s approach is to create a mini-Mexico in our midst: a disorderly herd of minimum-wage workers who have already shown a propensity toward sucking off the welfare tit and flipping the bird at our laws.  Pardoning their crimes against our immigration laws will only make their parasite status official: does anyone really believe that a semi-illiterate fruit-picker who refuses to learn English and will suddenly become self-reliant and ambitious just because we wave a magic Amnesty Wand and call him a citizen?  Does Bush think our emergency rooms (or as these folks use them, “free health clinics”) and health care system in general need more non-payers?  Does he think insurance rates aren’t quite high enough for those of us who support ourselves?  Somebody has to pay for all those fruit-pickers and grass-cutters to get their free health care, and it sure as hell won’t be them.  Does Bush believe that our schools don’t have enough problems as it is; that there aren’t enough children “left behind”?  Apparently not.

And then there’s the problem of terrorism and its cousin, civilian crime.  All of the 9/11 terrorists were legally residing in the United States when they perpetrated those attacks, and we know for a fact that there are many “sleepers” already inside the U.S., right now.  In a pitch-perfect imitation of a boneheaded liberal, Bush just shrugs at this peril and assures us that the bureaucracy that has proven itself incapable of filtering out al-Qaeda terrorists will suddenly be able to prevent criminals and terrorists from entering our country.  Right.  The reason we’re here in the first place, facing the intractable dilemma of 12 million illegal immigrants openly flouting our laws, is because the INS is hopelessly incompetent. 

Like I said before: Dubya, you lost me at “hola.”


~ by lewdandlascivious on June 13, 2007.

7 Responses to “Bush Tells His Base to Go to Hell, Base Responds”

  1. I have been very supportive of Bush all along but I’m with you – this is going a little too far. I think he’s crossed a line here and lost my support. I can’t even tell you how angry I get if I really think about all the things these illegal aliens already get in this country that I don’t get. Health care being one of them. Our family does not have insurance because we are self-employed and we can’t afford it. But we make too much money to qualify for the programs that are available for children. My husband and I are just out of luck period! But these illegals get this along with other things for free! Something is wrong with this picture!!! Not to mention that this is a slap in the face to all of the immigrants who have come here legally and done everything required of them. I’d be REALLY ticked if that were me!!

  2. Amen, girlfriend.
    It is ridiculous how hard-working families are the ones caught in the middle and penalized so that the lazy and/or irresponsible can have unlimited free health care. If we cut off the parasites, families like yours could afford health insurance. But it’s total self-destruction for our government to encourage and enable shiftlessness and punish hard work and responsibility.

  3. While one should not conduct a popularity survey before choosing a tie, one ought to reconsider his positions when everyone around him tells him that he is funny in the head.

    MomLovesBeingatHome ~ I hear you on insurance! If you are illegal and go into an ER, they are required by law to treat you. They can’t track you down to send you a bill; if they report you to the credit agencies, Equifax will laugh. Yet, if any of us need such care, the wrath of God comes down if we don’t pay our bills before discharge.

    My stepdad – a small business owner who came to the States in the late 90s when American desperately needed computer engineers – is not an American citizen. Six years of marriage and three years of courtship with an American who can trace her ancestry to colonial Willamsburg isn’t quite enough. Yet Bush wants to give amnesty to high school dropouts who contribute nothing.

    We live in a free market. There is simply no such thing as a job that American won’t do. We’ll put our hands in human feces, mow lawns in 100 degree heat, work 90 hours a week and have heart attacks at age 50. We just expect to get paid for it. If you want fruit-pickers, pay them. I’ll pick fruit part-time if you pay me enough, and I have a professional degree and am 2/3ds of the way to getting a second one.

  4. Here’s a little red meat for you. I disagree with your portrayal of Hispanics. Lets not hide behind a term like “illegal aliens” like Democrats hide behind the term fetus. We’re dealing with people here. We’re dealing with people stuck in a country with a horrible government that keeps the economy in the gutter. They’re desperate to feed themselves and their family. So they look north and see the most properous country in the world and they jump the fence. I would jump the fence too. When they get here they work hard at jobs must of us won’t do, and they work hard to take care of their family. Now I admit that we need to secure the border and we need to know who is in the country. The new bill requires we secure the border before any of the new programs are enacted. But I’m not going to villify an entire group of people. In Springdale (where I live), its almost 50 percent hispanic. You know what I see when I drive through town? People working hard and families. I know only referring tot hem as illegals makes it easier to villify them and say deport them all, but it is not that simple…

  5. I’m not vilifying Hispanics–a group which encompasses a whole lot of people in many countries. But I’m ABSOLUTELY vilifying the entire group of people here because they broke our laws and snuck in. Most of those people happen to be Mexican. If that makes Mexicans look bad, that’s their problem. Similarly, the fact that almost all terrorism and warfare in the world is being perpetrated by the Religion of Peace: if that makes Muslims look bad, that’s their problem.

    So yes, I am absolutely 100% “vilifying an entire group of people”–people who live in the U.S. because they came here illegally. Is it also unfair to “vilify an entire group of people” when we’re talking about drug dealing or child molesting or embezzlement? Of course not.

    Mexico is a basket case of a country, and the people Mexico is shunting off onto us are not exactly their best and brightest. They can’t even cut it in Mexico, where standards aren’t exactly high.

    I’ve lived up in the Fayetteville area too, and in fact it is where I will be settling permanently. I don’t care if the people here illegally have jobs or little round-faced children. I don’t care what kind of bleeding-heart B.S. is thrown at me: they’re criminals if they’re here illegally. And if they are here illegally, their asses should be deported. All of them. Now. I have no problem paying three times as much for fresh fruit or lawnmowing services. Also, I’m not learning a word of Spanish for any of them (unless I can learn how to say “kiss my ass” in Spanish).

    Dustin, knowing me well, is intentionally baiting me by using classic liberal “reasoning”—i.e., maudlin emotional appeals divorced from reality (I happily take his bait). As if driving around town or going to a Mexican restaurant twice a week gives insight into this issue. The issue isn’t whether they’re trying to find a better life, or have cute little kids, or are “nice” people: the issue is the need to enforce our laws and sovereignty, which are in place to ensure that being an American citizen actually means something.

    Dustin, I have to say that your faith in the federal government’s ability to enforce immigration laws, when it has utterly failed to do so for decades, is truly touching. If people had half as much faith in God as you do in federal bureaucracies (not to mention Dubya’s every word, just because it’s him saying it), this world would be saved.

  6. “Dustin, I have to say that your faith in the federal government’s ability to enforce immigration laws, when it has utterly failed to do so for decades, is truly touching. If people had half as much faith in God as you do in federal bureaucracies (not to mention Dubya’s every word, just because it’s him saying it), this world would be saved.”

    Well that’s just not a fair statement at all!

  7. Aww, will you be ok? Did mean ole’ Q.O.S. be unfair to you? Does Dustin have an owie? 😉
    I hope people read this and understand that we’re completely egging each other on.

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