Hmmm. . . .

. . .I’m thinking there are a lot of Star Trek conventions in this kid’s future.   Maybe mom and dad need to get him out of the house more.  It’s prolly not much good being highly intelligent if you’re incapable of basic communication.


~ by lewdandlascivious on June 8, 2007.

6 Responses to “Hmmm. . . .”

  1. Oh so eloquent. I think I was happier when the media kept it quiet that he is home schooled. Not exactly a poster boy for home education now, is he?

  2. Holy product placement. Maybe she should have taken a bite out of the Subway ™ sandwich just to really seal the deal.

  3. Holy cow! That kid has issues! I couldn’t agree more with Kelly’s comment! Why are people like this always the ones they show to represent homeschoolers? Obviously in this case it was because he won the spelling bee but I don’t know ANY homeschoolers like that! UGH!

  4. The child is pitiful, no two ways about it. I almost wonder if he has Asperger’s or mild autism or something—as they say where I’m from, “he ain’t right.”

    P.S. Good call, John. I was wondering why the hell she had a plate of sandwiches at her desk.

  5. oh,when you took my arm, that’s when we fell apar. Essa Morty.

  6. see it started at the park,used to chill after dar. Karolyn Leanne.

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