Paris Hilton is out of jail after only 3 days in her special, separate little cell.  She gets to serve the rest of her time at her mansion.  Wow, I hope she can survive.  At least her dealer will be able to get to her now.

This is so revolting.  Pwecious baby cries a few tears and gets stressed out, and Mommy and Daddy hire the best team of doctors and lawyers they can find to get her out of that tewwible, tewwible place. 

The brazenness with which these wealthy people defy and manipulate the legal system makes me absolutely, irrevocably unsympathetic to anything that might befall them.  “These people” being Paris Hilton and her parents, of course (I don’t know anything about the rest of her family: for all I know they could be decent people).  

That useless skank getting out of serving her puny little sentence—without having to deal with 90% of the stress anyone else would have to deal with—is a slap in all of our faces.   If there were any justice in the world (which there isn’t, of course), Paris and her crooked Mommy and Daddy would. . .well, they’d have something really, really, really awful happen to them.  Like, lose all their money and fancy possessions and have to work at the local factory for the rest of their lives.  [Ed. Note: There’s nothing wrong with being rich.  But there’s also nothing wrong with loathing snooty rich people who use their money to elevate themselves above the laws the Little People have to follow.]

They may have a lot of money, but they are trash.        

~ by lewdandlascivious on June 7, 2007.

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