Right On, Fred

Fred Thompson just wrote a few words about Iran’s seizure of 5 American hostages, which has gotten about 1/100th of the media coverage as stupid Paris Hilton’s brush with law enforcement.  These Americans have all been accused of espionage on absolutely no grounds whatsoever, and that crime is punishable by death in Iran.  Fred’s making it pretty clear that he wouldn’t take any s*&% from the nutjobs in Iran or any of the other Peaceful Muslims sawing off heads worldwide. 

Fred Thompson is far and away my #1 choice for President.  The Republicans need to clear the field for the serious contenders: if that happens, I don’t think it will take Thompson long to take the lead.   Step it up, Fred—you’re lookin’ good.


~ by lewdandlascivious on June 7, 2007.

7 Responses to “Right On, Fred”

  1. Wait, these wouldn’t be the same Iranians who picked up British soldiers sailing international waters (confirmed by satellite to be 1.5 miles outside of Iranian waters), would they?

    Anyone see a pattern? Iran has no compunction about taking the lives of Westerners who are in their country, or near their country, or otherwise doing their jobs. I’m not sure why we tolerate its continued existence.

  2. Thompson talks good smack, but what exactly would he do about Iran? Would he go to war? Of the states that comprise the “axis of evil”, Iraq was deemed the easiest of the three to deal with, and look at the problems we’re having there.

  3. See, I think we’re coming at it differently because in my opinion, the reason we’re having problems in Iraq is because we’re handling them with kid gloves. We could’ve ended this “insurgency” if we as a nation were really serious about winning the war. I have always believed, even on 9/11 itself, that it will take a mushroom cloud over one of our cities to get us really, truly serious about kicking these savages’ asses. Iraq is Exhibit A for my argument there.

    Granted, all candidates are just talking now—we don’t know what ANY of them would really do or not do in office. But Thompson at least appears to grasp that Ahmadinejad cannot be reasoned with, which is a good start in my book. I definitely could see him going head to head with Iran if they keep taking people hostage. I don’t think Fred will put up with that shite.

  4. What should we have done differently in Iraq? What should we be doing differently now?

    I doubt the Bush administration believes that Ahmadinejad can be reasoned with either. The inaction to date has been a result of other forces at work, which you and I can guess.

  5. Well, I think we should’ve bombed the shit out of Muqtada Al-Sadr’s section of the city, for one thing. We should’ve told the Iraqis, either you hand over the terrorists—excuse me, “insurgents”—or we level the city. Period. Instead of fighting the war halfway.

    My opinion is, if we’re going to fight a war, we should annihilate the enemy–utterly annihilate them. If we don’t have the backbone to do that, we shouldn’t be over there in the first place. I really don’t give a crap whether or not the Religion of Peace practitioners ever “like” us or not.

    It’s like the first lesson of using guns for self-defense: never even pick up a gun unless you are willing to shoot to kill. Same with war: I’m all for fighting back the hordes of Allah, but unless we’re really willing to bomb them flat, we shouldn’t waste our soldiers’ lives dicking around. So, to sum it up: we’ve been way too lenient and gentle in Iraq.

    That aside, my posts about Fred Thompson indicate my first impression that he is the only person in the presidential field who has the will and common sense to stand up to Islamists. As I’ve indicated in the past week, my longstanding support of George W. Bush has been eroded by his shameful abdication of our borders. I’m looking for an ’08 candidate who can pick up where he left off and fight the jihadists without compromising our domestic security and sovereignty. Right now, Thompson looks like the best bet. That’s really all I’m saying.

  6. I had the feeling you were going to say something like that 🙂 You may even be right, I don’t know. Of course with the political climate we inherited from the Vietnam years that kind of a proposal would never be taken seriously by anyone electable. We’ll either succeed by doing it the slow way or not at all. Personally, I think the slow way can still work if we don’t cut the strings prematurely. This isn’t going to happen for the remainder of George W’s stay in office at least, no matter how much Harry Reid enjoys dangling those scissors.

    I like Thompson, too, from what I’ve read and heard of him. I could see myself voting for him…if he can convince me that he has workable solutions to problems.

  7. Hahaha! Yep, you know how I roll. 🙂
    I just hope the Republican candidates who are obviously not getting anywhere will drop out, so we can focus on the real contenders and have a good chance in ’08.

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