Cool Animal of the Day

Owls are so rad.  There are many kinds of owls, but I think my favorite is the Bubo Virginianus, or Great Horned Owl:

  Listen to his call and look at pictures here, at the wonderful website.  I think I like these guys best because they look very stern and serious and remind me of Archimedes the Owl–remember him?  He was Merlin’s sidekick in Disney’s animated film “The Sword and the Stone.”  Check this out, or this: you’ll remember him!  (And if you’ve never seen the movie, do so–it’s great).

For all you Yankees, here are some good country sayings involving owls:

*  “He looks  just ’bout like a tree full of owls” [translation: he looks like a really smart guy]

*  “Drunker than a hoot owl”

*  “He lives back where the hoot owls breed with the chickens” [translation: he lives waaaaay out in the boonies]

This video has a lot of cool information about great horned owls (for example, did you know they pant to stay cool?) and shows one in action.  I’ve always loved owls: a big one lived in the tree outside my bedroom, and I’d see him swoop around at night.  One year at gymnastics camp (I couldn’t have been older than 9 or 10), the gym was a pavilion-type structure: covered but with open walls.  Some owls roosted way up in the rafters, and I was completely fascinated by them.  I drove my coaches crazy because I was constantly craning my head to watch them (and thus missing my turn in line) and asking questions incessantly, so they started calling me “Owlison” instead of Allison.  Haha!     

~ by lewdandlascivious on June 7, 2007.

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