A New Addition for the Endangered Species List: Real Men

A Boston Globe story today describes how two senior citizens restrained a very scary and disruptive passenger on a flight from Minneapolis to Boston this past Saturday.  Rush Limbaugh featured the story on his show today, too.  Apparently, none of the young men on the flight would assist passenger Bob Hayden, who took control of the situation: it was left to this 65-year-old retired police commander and the retired Marine sitting beside him to take action.  The young men on the plane just averted their eyes when Hayden and a female flight attendant looked for help.  A far cry from Flight 93 or the beaches of Normandy, isn’t it?

I’m sad to say that this story doesn’t surprise me: we’re running short on Real Men these days, which is just one of many reasons I so adore our military.  I was raised by three extremely strong, intelligent alpha males, and outside of family gatherings, it is depressingly rare to run across a Real Man.   There are plenty of thugs and wannabes, but unless you go to a military base, police station, or firehouse, Real Men are few and far between.

As a single female, I feel the absence of them keenly.  I would love nothing more than to find the right guy and get married and have babies—the whole deal—yet I am unwilling to sell out and waste my time with a guy who is weaker than myself.  A lot of men won’t like me saying that, but a lot of ladies will agree (at least, the ones who have a backbone, which is kind of the main topic here).  But it’s true: I’m in the middle of a couple generations of men who are little girly boys, and it is infuriating.  

I don’t want to give the impression that I’m sort of Amazon woman who can lift cars, because I am most decidedly not.  I’m probably slightly physically stronger than the average woman because of my genes (a family of people built like miniature Clydesdales) and athletic background (9 years of gymnastics, which leaves a lot of residual muscle and coordination).  But I’m not really talking about physical strength: what is declining in our male population are the traits of physical courage, mental toughness, and the instinct to protect others. . .instincts that have allowed the human race to rise to dominance and, more recently, made the United States top dog in the world.

What I resent as a female is that, outside of the times I’m with my brothers and father, in order to survive I’ve had to be a lot bitchier and more aggressive than I’d like to be, because every time my safety has been threatened (which sadly has happened quite a few times), I’ve known good and well that no man around me would step in to help.  The really tragic thing is, I was right in that assessment and thank God I helped myself instead of waiting around for a hero. 

For the ladies out there who’ve never had to confront that unpleasant truth, well, count your blessings.  But for those of us who have, there are two choices: either be a victim and just lie down and take it, or fight like hell and take care of yourself.  And get ready to be called a lot of ugly names for doing it—by both the weak men who resent you for calling them out, and the idiot women who don’t have the sense to demand better than what they get.  Also, forget dating unless you’re willing to dumb yourself down and pretend to be weak so the guy you’re with won’t feel threatened.  The situation has deteriorated to the point where I have just a few simple litmus tests for any guy I’m considering dating:  (1) is he afraid—or even worse, “morally opposed”—to hunting or shooting a gun?  (2)  could I kick his ass?  (3)  if we were accosted together on a lonely street, would I have to be the one to fight?  And (4) are this man’s hands softer and less accustomed to physical work than mine? 

What a sad state of affairs.  Truth #85 about me, though: I’d rather be the cat lady living alone in her trailer with 20 guns, than settle for a man who failed any one of those tests.  If that makes me a crazy bitch, then I’m proud to be one. 

I know what would’ve happened on that flight if my family members had been on the plane.   Hell, even if just little ole me had been on the plane: I doubt I would’ve been much help, but I’ll be goddamned if I would’ve sat back like a weakling and left those guys on their own.  I would’ve at least stood up and tried because I’ll tell you, getting my ass kicked is not the worst thing in the world.  Being a useless coward is far, far worse.  I certainly would’ve done better than averting my eyes.  Really, is that standard too much to ask of men?

Can you tell this frustrates me?  Because it does.  Most guys I know literally do not understand what I’m talking about when I say these things.  Real Men do, which is maybe why I get along with military guys and the older generation of males a lot better than I do the sissified, manicure-gettting, hairgel-wearing lapdogs populating the scene today.  Boo on them. 

Tomorrow is the D-Day anniversary, as I’m sure you know.  So much, much love from the Queen to our soldiers and all the other Real Men out there who stand out in a field of sissies like lions in a herd of pampered housecats.   And here’s hoping the rest of the males can grow a set and earn the right to enjoy the freedom and wealth Real Men have fought to provide us with today.



~ by lewdandlascivious on June 6, 2007.

18 Responses to “A New Addition for the Endangered Species List: Real Men”

  1. Hey, I found your blog via Bridget’s blog roll.

    As a single female, I feel the absence of them keenly. I would love nothing more than to find the right guy and get married and have babies—the whole deal—yet I am unwilling to sell out and waste my time with a guy who is weaker than myself. A lot of men won’t like me saying that, but a lot of ladies will agree (at least, the ones who have a backbone, which is kind of the main topic here). But it’s true: I’m in the middle of a couple generations of men who are little girly boys, and it is infuriating.

    I couldn’t have said it better. There is nothing more annoying to me than a pansy boy. Seriously, hands that are better groomed than mine? Gross. And it’s not like I’m asking for some obnoxious, chauvinistic, abusive idiot. I just want someone who displays less estrogen than I do. Someone who votes Republican and is proud of it. Someone whose idea of a Saturday afternoon activity is taking me out to the range to shoot or practice self-defense… and someone who can actually lift more than I weigh, no matter how much chub I gain in college! 😉 Why is that so much to ask?

    Anyway, great post. Just wanted to express my agreement!

  2. Amen. And thanks!!
    There’s nothing better than an honest-to-God masculine man. They can be mystifying and annoying at times, but God bless ’em. 🙂

  3. Great post, Queen! I pray that guys like that are out there for my daughters as well.

    I was just going over 1 Peter 3:7 with a couple guys at our CareNet “Man to Man” class last week: “Husbands, in the same way be considerate as you live with your wives, and treat them with respect as the weaker partner and as heirs with you of the gracious gift of life, so that nothing will hinder your prayers.”

    Now most guys squirm and most feminists bristle when they see the word “weaker.” But if a couple hears strange noises at night and suspects an intruder, what woman would want the guy to say, “Honey, is it my turn or yours to go check?”

    The Biblical model isn’t for guys to be wimps OR for women to be doormats. I wouldn’t have married a pushy feminist, but I also wouldn’t have married (or even dated) an overly passive woman either.

  4. Thanks, Neil! I’m really glad you brought up the Biblical model. The Christian ideal is that hubands and wives to support one another with different, and equally important, kinds of strength. . .when one side is expected to take on both roles, things get so screwed up.
    I wish you and your wife were old enough to have a son my age, I’d make you hook me up–I can tell you guys are awesome parents.

  5. Great post, Miss L.

    I’m adding #5 to your list above: 5) does he find it “cute” that you would want to learn how to defend yourself? (Is there any other reaction than, “Damn straight, that’s what you need to know how to do.”)

    Yes, I’ve taken intense self-defense. As L&L knows, I’m relatively athletic. There is no limit to the number of men who either don’t understand why you would learn to defend yourself with your own body, or who think that you couldn’t do it.


  6. Thanks, L&L. And I wish that your brothers weren’t so much older than my daughters! They sound like they’re going to make terrific husbands.

  7. Your daughters are very lucky, Neil.

    Since L’s brothers are too old for them (and married), why not just have them adopt your daughters are surrogate little sisters? As someone who lacks a big brother, I’ll attest to the fact that everyone needs at least a few of them.

  8. That’ll work!

  9. I must say, I read this and was grateful. Then I read it aloud to my very own Real Man and cried a little. Lewd and Bridget and Tieki, please do not give up. My Real Man is all the things you write and more. Thank you for reminder about how good I have it.

  10. Awww! Major props to your man–and to you for successfully snagging him! And thanks for the encouragement too. 🙂

  11. Ditto that! 🙂 Your hubby sounds great. 🙂 (Does he know how lucky he is?)

  12. I’d say we both lucked out. Actually, my mother often tells me that Jon is exactly the man she prayed for for me. All I know is that I cannot imagine going through this life with some dimwitted wussy boy. Ick.

  13. […] The Queen of Swords on A new addition for the endangered species list: real men […]

  14. Great post! I am blessed to have a great manly man for a husband. 🙂 He definitely does NOT fall into the sissy category. I wish more men were like him and like you are describing. I liked your four rules for dating. 🙂

    I’ve been looking around your blog and like it. Great posts!

  15. Thank you! Those strong men are to be treasured. . .and they give the rest of us gals hope! 🙂

  16. this is one of the best blogs I have read. I am a vet of the korean war and a retired police detective, If I was a lot!!!! younger I would look you up.:)

    michael mckenna the patriot

  17. Thank you so much, Michael, that makes my day! I wish there were more men out there like you for my generation–have any sons? 🙂

  18. sorry my son is married.i see you also have a new web site.

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