Suri’s Legit

suri1.jpgEver since she was revealed to the world, I’ve heard people say that Suri Cruise can’t be the natural child of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes because she looks like a little Asian baby.  As weird as I think Tom Cruise has become, I think that goes a little too far.  To me, she resembles Cruise’s cousin William Mapother, whom you might know as Ethan from “Lost.”  So there is a family resemblance. 



~ by lewdandlascivious on June 3, 2007.

2 Responses to “Suri’s Legit”

  1. yes, you poor freaking tabloid drone

    you are a retard

    Suri looks sooo much like Tom, she is really lucky!

    his cousin is so ugly ew!

  2. Er, ok, Crazy. Maybe you shouldn’t call people retarded before you learn how to use the English language.

    For the record, I was actually DEFENDING the child by saying she resembles her father’s side of the family. An intelligent person capable of calling another person “retarded” might understand that that means Suri also resembles her father, Tom Cruise, while also resembling cousin William around the eye area. You know, that’s what “family resemblance” means. Look it up.
    Kisses and hugs,
    The Queen

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