Viva La Bluff!

A little personal history about the Queen.

I’m from the Delta: the hood, baby.  Seriously, no joke.  If you’ve never spent time in the Delta, believe me: you have no idea.  

This video was shot at my high school.  This is about the level of volume and lunchtime activities I remember.

At Pine Bluff High, it’s hard to say what provided better entertainment: our awesome sports teams, or the daily fights.  If you wanted to have a good view, you had to learn how to respond lickety-split when you heard the word “FIGHT!” screamed.  Good times for all.

This video had me in stitches.  Some dude had to live in the Bluff for a couple years and made a video to the Delta blues song, “Pine Bluff, Arkansas Blues.”   It’s pretty great.


~ by lewdandlascivious on June 2, 2007.

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