Random Observations

What do our liberal friends have to say about Hugo Chavez’s latest crackdown on civil liberties (in this case, freedom of speech)?  They get so upset about the “rights” of terrorists to plot attacks privately over the phone, free of wiretaps, and the rights of hypothetical innocent Americans who might, one day, somehow be victimized by the Patriot Act, but when 8 quadrillion Venezuelans protesting Chavez’s seizure of their nation’s airwaves, and protesters are thrown summarily in jail, we hear not a peep from the self-designated Defenders of Truth and Freedom.  Maybe someone should call the UN so that esteemed body can express its “grave concern” over these depredations.  That’ll show Chavez!

On the other hand, we can all sleep easy tonight knowing that the gentle, peace-loving, innocent, “explosively entrepreneurial” Muslims recently caught red-handed in Australia will be defended and given all due process in court. 

In completely unrelated news, the Queen is disturbed by the extent to which digital/computer technology has pervaded our lives.  Look, I realize that I’m a semi-Luddite—or maybe I’m better described as “being born in the wrong time”—but I’ve adjusted to your basic cell phone, and obviously I love the Internet.  But folks, all these machines talking to me. . .it’s freaking me out.   DVD-playing, flat-screen TVs in cars, so parents don’t have to teach their children to sit still = creepy.  Computers talking to me whenever I go to the grocery store, or ride in my mom’s nice Lexus, or call just about any customer service line = creepy and infuriating.  And now, these people—these crazy people—have created a toothbrush with a computer built in to tell you when your teeth are clean (as if it knows!).  That’s a bridge too far, kids.  If people need a computer in their toothbrush to reassure them that they’ve adequately cleaned their teeth. . .well, I don’t think that’s a good sign.

Lindsey Lohan is back in rehab, and I’m just shocked.  Shocked that this girl doesn’t have it together.  What went wrong, Lindsey?  You were headed for a Nobel Prize, doing all that groundbreaking work on diabetes and cancer, inventing a time machine and such. . . oh wait, that’s right, you never did any of that. [Break]  But seriously, all sarcasm aside, I can’t really blame people like Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan and Britney Spears for self-destructing at the ripe old ages of 26, 20, and 26, respectively.  Ok, actually I can blame Paris Hilton–she’s just your typical spoiled trust-fund slut writ large.   Scratch Paris–she needs to go away.  But Lohan and Spears have worked since childhood for their fame and position, and I can’t help but notice that we create these people and then devour them ritualistically.  I think that says a lot more about us than it does about them.  I think a lot of these child stars start out genuinely just wanting to act/dance/sing/whatever, and have the drive to rise above the rest, and then they get eaten alive by the entertainment industry and all the people who personally gain by using them for everything they’re superficially deemed to be worth.  Some of them survive (for example, Drew Barrymore, who RULES), and some of them do not (like my beloved River Phoenix).  Many of them live and fall into obscurity, which might or might not be the fate of La Lohan and Ms. Spurrs.  And I think the easy thing is to condemn them, but as big of a bitch as I am, I hesitate to do so.  Yes, they’re spoiled; yes, they’re annoying.  But they feed the machine they had no part in creating, so I have some (some!) sympathy for them.  I don’t think I could handle anything remotely like the scrutiny applied to their every move.  So Miss Lindsey, get your s*** together and learn to stay out of your own way.  Same goes for you, Britney.  In spite of myself and my bitch tendencies, I’m kinda sorta rooting for you both.  Comebacks would be awesome here.   


~ by lewdandlascivious on May 31, 2007.

2 Responses to “Random Observations”

  1. Yes… anyone who needs to know, via computer, when their teeth are cleaned ought to be wiped out of the gene pool. (Ugly-looking teeth is a good start.)

  2. So you’ve noticed the liberal silence on Venezuala? Actually, the Right and Left said the same thing in reactions to Hugo taking over the TV station:

    Left: Shocking!
    Right: Shocking! [Sarcasm intended]

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