Oh. . .My. . .Lord.

As I struggle through my BarBri notes on Constitutional law, I’m watching “Open Water” on the FX Channel (yes, I suspect I have ADD: I can’t do anything without the TV or radio playing). 

When this movie came out, I heard people saying it’s stupid and boring.  I think it’s terrifying.  I’ve seen it once before and it’s still freaking me the heck out.  Lewd will never go scuba diving for precisely this reason.  Ocean = shark’s territory –> Lewd demoted to the bottom of the food chain.  Land = Lewd’s territory –> no sharks snacking on my bod.  If I want to see the underside of the ocean’s surface, I’ll watch the Discovery Channel or Animal Planet like the good Lord intended.  Momma ain’t swimmin in no ocean, y’all.


~ by lewdandlascivious on May 30, 2007.

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