Let’s Bomb Iran. Please. (Part II)

The great Norman Podhoretz lays it down in today’s WSJ Opinion Journal.  And in a word, WOW.  This article is long (for an opinion piece online), but very, very, very good: I recommend that anyone concerned about Iran read the whole thing.  Personally, I agree with everything NPod says in this piece: he pretty much sums up my opinion, just infinitely better than I ever could.

My point, and he makes it so well, is that when we deal with radical Muslims and Islamist governments, we are not up against rational actors.  Traditional carrot-and-stick diplomacy and concepts like Mutual Assured Destruction assume some level of rationality and desire for life on each side, but radical Islam views suicide as a virtue; indeed, as a religiously mandated act of holiness.  The jihadists will never, ever stop until they establish the worldwide caliphate they so clearly tell us they want: either we fight them now, before they have nukes, or we fight them later at an exponentially higher cost–a cost most of us cannot begin to contemplate.  Which will it be? 

The price for the cowardice and willful blindness of the Bush-hating Left and the rest of the world’s appeasers will be paid with millions of lives.  Podhoretz does a great job in his article of pointing out the parallels between the lead-up to World War II and what is going on today.  I only wish I could make myself believe that such warnings will be heeded. 

~ by lewdandlascivious on May 30, 2007.

One Response to “Let’s Bomb Iran. Please. (Part II)”

  1. wow. that is one hell of an article. it takes a true genius to connect totally unrelated movements–such as communism, nazism, and islamic fundamentalism. in fact, communism and nazism fought against one another. so did communism and islamic fundamentalism.

    your beloved author forgoes any analytical intelligence when he combines all these movements under the singular banner of “totalitarianism.” he claims that they were all just “mutations” of that problem, but unfortunately nothing supports his argument.

    by all means, though, keep relying on his logic for your arguments. after all, if nazis who fought commies who fought inslamic fundamentalism (which the US supported!!!) are all the same, then why shouldn’t Iranian fundamentalism be the same as al Qaeda? god it is all so simple.

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