It’s Official. . .

Fred’s in!  I’m very excited about this and he has my support. . .for now.  It still remains to be seen how he’ll handle the unique spotlight pressure of an American presidential campaign, not to mention specifically where he stands on all the major issues (he’s been writing opinion pieces, but still).

 Here’s my wish list (off the top of my head):

1.  Tell Iran and the rest of the crazy Muslims to stick their jihad straight up their smelly, backwards, tyrannical backsides.  Priority number one: beating down the jihadists.

2.  Stop this immigration madness.  No amnesty, period.  I’m totally fine with mass deportations, which would normally just be called “enforcing the law.”  If we want to modernize or streamline the process by which immigrants become U.S. citizens, then fine.  But if waiver of our laws and no requirement to assimilate are a part of that, then shut the dang borders completely.  I’d rather pay more for fresh produce and housekeeping.

 3.  Get rid of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy.  Gay American patriots should be allowed to defend their country and contribute their skills and expertise without having to hide in the closet: we need them, and DADT is a slap in their collective face.  Make them subject to the same fraternization and conduct laws as everyone else, and be done with it.

4.  Do SOMETHING about the horrendous Kelo decision and restore the Constitutional right of citizens not to have their property seized at the whim of the State.

5.  Leave it to the several States to sort out the issue of gay marriage (Fred has indicated that this is his position).  If that isn’t possible (because of Full Faith & Credit issues or whatever), allow civil unions but give clear latitude to churches to refuse to perform same-sex marriages.  [Regular readers will remember that I support “gay marriage,” however it’s termed, in a civil sense, but vehemently oppose any requirement for churches or individuals to perform ceremonies against their reservations.]

6.  Welfare reform.  To be specific, welfare restriction.  I’m tired of lazy crackheads and human baby factories getting free everything while the rest of us work and have to subsidize it. 

7.  Vigorous support for (1) drilling for oil in our own territories, and (2) a simultaneous, meaningful (as opposed to token) effort to develop nuclear energy and other clean technology.  Again, readers of my blog will understand that I do not take this position based on the bogus junk science of “global warming,” but on the simple premise that cleaner air and water benefits every human being and living creature on our planet.  America should continue to lead the way in this regard.

8.  Support for the Innocence Project and other groups working to educate the public on the shocking numbers of wrongfully convicted people in this country.  It’s true that wrongful conviction/actual innocence battles are fought mostly in state courts and are therefore not strictly a federal matter, but a President calling attention to this issue would do a world of good.  If there’s one thing we should all be able to agree upon, it’s that innocent people shouldn’t be in prison or on Death Row (as were many people who have now been fully exonerated after years and years of incarceration).   There is much we can do to protect society from predators and at the same time safeguard the liberties of the innocent accused.

9.  Lower taxes as much as humanly possible, no matter how much the Democrats wail.


~ by lewdandlascivious on May 30, 2007.

2 Responses to “It’s Official. . .”

  1. If he will not only support, but push for meaningful tax reform (preferably Fair Tax) he will probably get my vote. Until then, I hafta stick with Dr No.

  2. Not that it’s hard… but there are times when I know why I love you. 🙂

    Kelo will go down when we get another conservative on the Court. So will Roe v. Wade, which means that states can actually legislate in a sane manner. The thing is, Kelo at least leaves the door open for states to provide more protections to their citizens than does the federal constitution.

    I’m going to add to #7: Support for nuclear power and more refineries. The US has not had a new refinery in over 30 years. They might build one in Arizona… to be finished in 2011.

    5. I agree completely. While civil unions are the ugly duckling that no one wants, they would work best. It remains to be seen whether those who vigourously enforce the “Separation of Church and State” will so enforce with respect to gay marriage.

    2. You know how I stand on immigration. If it costs a ton of money to deport 12 million people, then assess the cost to the employers. If the employers confess within a certain amount of time, THEY get amnesty and only have to pay deportation costs. If not, they’ll lose their businesses. That will make it economically unprofitable to hire illegals.

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